Due to competitive nature of submissions, we have decided to award top 3 teams. Winners will be contacted shortly to collect their prizes.

Gravity Consulting is an innovation company and works with several government and public organisations. Currently, Gravity is on a quest to redesign the way citizens access information relevant to them that are typically difficult to access and assess.

The current hackathon focuses on information related to IT systems, and is a first of many to follow that will challenge the participants in the use of technology to enable this goal of making data access easy for citizens.

Create an easy to use system that provides insights about an IT system based on the name and version number as inputs.

There are two objectives to this problem

First objective

Example, the input can be: Google Chrome v22

The system returns all the version numbers and release dates for that particular IT system and shows where the current IT system version stands on that list. It also determines if the IT system is obsolete or not. The returned answer could be something like: "You are using version 22. There have been 5 newer versions since version 22. The latest version, version 27 was released in May 2017. The first version was released in Jan 2005. It seems the version you're using maybe obsolete.

The determination if a system is obsolete or not can be made on the basis of 2 criteria:

1) The version is no longer supported by the vendor.
2) If there are more than 5 newer versions of the IT system released.

Second objective

It then returns all alternate systems that can be used in place of the inputted system (So, in this case, it can be Mozilla Firefox (latest version number), Microsoft Edge (latest version number), Apple Safari (latest version number) etc.)

To get an overview of the scope of IT Systems your application should cover, please refer to Data Sets. The more IT Systems in the database of your application, the better is your hack!

The sooner you submit you idea, the longer time you will have to build your application! Please submit your idea, and you will receive an email from us on the Friday after you submit your idea if your idea is shortlisted :)

Have any queries? Please ask on the Discussion Forum.

Prizes USD 1950 in prizes

Main Prizes
First Prize
USD 1200

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Second Prize
USD 600

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Consolation Prize
USD 150

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