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Why should I attend a hackathon?

A hackathon is a sprint-like event aimed at solving a defined problem in a finite amount of time. Teams of graphic designers, developers, subject matter experts, and project managers work together to find the best solution for a given problem statement.

A hackathon is a great place to network, test your skills, and build a great portfolio. Here are five reasons why you should attend a hackathon:

1) Learn something new

At a hackathon, you will be exposed to actual problems to work on. To solve problems fast, you will have to focus and push yourself beyond your comfort zone. You can enhance your ability to work under pressure and collaborate, and acquire new technical skills. The exposure you get by interacting with many people helps improve your soft skills. You can master the art of pitching project ideas like a pro.

2) Get rewards and recognition

Hackathons are a great platform to get recognized for your skills and ideas. You can showcase your coding skills to the world. Your prototype could win you some cool prizes, from cash and software licenses to internship opportunities. An impressive demo could land you a full-time role with one of the sponsoring companies. You can even find investors at a Hackathon to fund your next big idea.

3) Network

Hackathon is the best place to connect with people who are passionate about building products. Use the event to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and build your professional network. Take the opportunity to interact with the companies who organize or sponsor the event. Learn more about career opportunities with them. By showcasing your skills, you can build your brand in the tech community. Go to a hackathon and you might just bump into your co-founder or future boyfriend! Learn more here: http://blog.hackerearth.com/2015/04/i-found-my-boyfriend-at-a-hackathon.html

4) Build something cool

The best part about hackathons is that sense of accomplishment you feel when you create something out of nothing in a short span of time. Often, lack of execution kills good ideas. The intense, competitive spirit of hackathon helps you focus on building a tangible prototype for your team. The result at the end of the day is a working prototype. A prototype that you can proudly show off in your portfolio. Attend a hackathon to build something cool in just one weekend and feel like a winner.

5) Socialize and have fun

Hackathons are one of the few places where work is fun. As a participant, you can enjoy the freebies, free food, fun activities, socialize, and have a great experience.

Even if you’re not great at coding, a hackathon will expand your vision, skill, set and professional network. All this in just a short span of time! Attending a hackathon comes with many advantages that will pleasantly surprise you. Read more: https://www.hackerearth.com/sprints/info/participant/surprising-advantages-of-attending-a-hackathon/

Attend Hackathons

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