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Who has the intellectual property of my idea?

Hackathons are a great way to drive innovation. Good ideas happen when talented people from diverse backgrounds come together to solve problems. Hackathons provide an effective platform for teams of designers, developers, and project managers to productize ideas. Great inventions happen when teams work in a collaborative environment, where creative problem solving is encouraged. When it comes to hackathons, the big question is, ‘Who owns these inventions?’

Ownership of inventions for internal hackathons
In case of an internal hackathon, all rights are owned by the organization conducting the hackathon. The company has the full ownership of the inventions made by its employees.

Ownership of inventions for open hackathons
However, in case of open or public hackathons, the ownership rights are often open to dispute. In this case, the inventions are made by an unpaid third party — the hackathon participants.

How to avoid disputes
Companies and participants should think through IP (Intellectual Property) rights for hackathon inventions before the event to avoid sticky legal issues. Here is what you can do to avoid ownership disputes at hackathons:

1) If you are an organizer, rely on professionals to conduct the hackathon
A professional hackathon platform or agency will help you create a foolproof hackathon policy that addresses all the details of IP (Intellectual Property) rights. Whether it is an internal hackathon or an open hackathon, it is crucial to have a good IP strategy before conducting the hackathon. Be clear on the rules for use of tools and content that is made available to participants. Communicate these policies related to invention ownerships clearly to the participants.

Additionally, companies can create clear employment agreements for their employees that limit their participation in hackathon projects in related product lines where there is a possibility of a conflict of interest.

2) If you are a participant, read the participation rules and guidelines carefully
As a participant, read the hackathon agreements and rules carefully before attending the event. Most of the time, the intellectual property will belong to you unless a company is conducting the event, in which case, if you work on its API, the idea will belong to them. Be sure to double check with the organizer. If you are employed elsewhere, review the hackathon terms to see if your participation causes any conflict of business interest with your current employer.

Being aware of the IP risks and opportunities can help both organizers and participants avoid ownership disputes at hackathons.

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