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Where should I host the event?

The best places will vary depending on your location but most of the time, get in touch with Universities, local colleges or highschools. Coworking space are also pretty good.

Tell them their logo will be displayed on your website, mailing list, and social media. If none of those places agree, go to pop up lofts or even companies willing to host your event.

if the participants work on their products or problems. Worst case scenario, you can have an online hackathon using Sprint.

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  • The AADHAAR hackathon we conducted on HackerEarth delivered unprecedented engagement from a broad cross section of the developer community. HackerEarth provided a seamless platform to not only manage this massive hackathon, but also generate pre-hackathon engagement.
  • HackerEarth is an excellent platform to connect with quality talent. Over 4500 developers participated in GoIbibo GoCode Hackathon and the apps built were top-quality, and enabled us to have fruitful, interesting discussions with top-class developers.
  • HackerEarth Sprint is a fantastic tool for hackathon organizers. It seriously streamlines many event logistics and is much more functional than similar solutions. HackerEarth Sprint seriously helped reduce the amount of complexity in running our event. It took all of the functionality we needed, and bundled it into an easy to use solution.
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