1. CREATE easily modifiable Meta-data driven Rules Platform

Why is this important?
Today business requirement and government regulations are constantly changing and for business to be relevant they need to be able to make quick changes

Your challenge is
To create an easily modifiable meta-data driven Rules Platform that meets dynamic requirements having the below criteria:

  • Define Rules meta-data (domain, business object model)
  • Define custom data types and DSL (Domain specific language) (meta-meta-data)
  • Define rules in bounded context (e.g. Payment domain – transactional context, fraud)
  • Define complex rules with Forward Chaining, Backward Chaining & Constraints
  • Version the rules and set validity periods
  • Provide capability to test defined rules
  • Use graphical user interface for about definitions, rules and simulation of rules execution
  • Scale it horizontally across multiple nodes (e.g. Process 10K inputs/facts over 20 rules)
  • Change the rules in runtime with deprecation strategy for older rules

2. ACCELERATE Adoption of Digital Payments in India

Why is this important?
With the Indian government taking many initiatives to drive a cashless economy it is not only important to have multiple channels present but also necessary to increase the adoption of cashless channels. Today, India has issued over 850 million debit cards out of which only 100 million is actively used. There is an urgent need to improve this usage.

Your challenge is
To develop a solution that simplifies digital transactions enabling rural India to transact digitally and increase their access to finances when they need and where they need it.

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3. DEVELOP Alternate Payment Solutions for Merchants

Why is this important?
With a demonetized India, merchants need to be able to provide their customers a solution that is simple, convenient and secure.  A payment solution that is seamless and has universal applicability (rural and urban India) is key to driving business and improving our economy. 

Your challenge is
Create a solution that is easily integrated with offline merchants and enables them to offer alternate payment solutions to their customers to drive cashless transactions.

You can create alternative payments solutions by leveraging Mastercard solutions like QKR for Masterpass, Simplify Commerce. Click here to know more details about Mastercard Payment APIs

4. INCREASE Security on P2P and P2M transactions

Why is this important?
India has considerably increased the adoption of digital payments with the solution launched by the government -  BHIM and UPI. However, the current Aadhar based payments (on UPI platform) does not provide users with sufficient security to scale. Instances reported in the media:

Your challenge is
Using the existing Aadhar Pay or UPI layer develop a solution that is simple and secure to enable P2P (Peer-to-Peer) or P2M (Person-to-Merchant) transactions. This could be by integrating the solution with biometrics or any other additional security layer(s).

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