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This year our hackathon theme is about ‘Innovation in Artificial Intelligence using Intel®’.

Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is popularly known is used almost everywhere today—from medical diagnosis to crime-fighting—and this is just the beginning! Intel® uses high-performance technologies specifically designed to meet the unique demands of AI to power AI’s rapid advancement in data centers, workstations, and network-edge devices.

This hackathon is about busting the myth that Artificial Intelligence is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive!

Intel® is well on the way to becoming one of the leading companies in the field of AI with the aim of making the world of AI fast, easy, and cost-effective. At Intel®, we are solving complex problems, making processes more efficient, and even creating new realities through real-world applications of AI. For example, Intel® has partnered with the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation and is using AI and drones powered by Intel® to restore the world’s largest manmade structure—The Great Wall of China. Read more here.

The objective of this hackathon is to build a prototype using one or all of the following Intel® tools:Intel® Distribution for Python,Intel® Optimized Frameworks and Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence.

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Note: This hackathon is exclusively open to working professionals!

Technology is an integral part of our lives and this hackathon is about touching lives, shaping the future, and making a difference. Your hack must be such that it has a significant impact on the domain that you have chosen


Use all these Intel® tools to build your prototype with an emphasis on AI: Intel® Distribution for Python, Intel® Optimized Frameworks, and Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors. You can build your prototype based on any field of your choosing.

Ps: Also check out and for some insightful resources on the submissions!


Наша повседневная работа всё больше зависит от вспомогательных инструментов и программ, которые помогают нам экономить время и работать эффективнее. От почтовых клиентов до облачных хранилищ и мессенджеров — мир инструментов повышения эффективности постоянно развивается. Однако они по-прежнему остаются разрозненными и зачастую несовместимыми друг с другом. Создав решение, которое объединит их, вы сделаете эффективнее работу миллионов людей.

Призы INR 2,50,000 в призах

Главные призы
1st prize
INR 1,50,000
2nd prize
INR 1,00,000
Free access to Intel® Parallel Studio XE (worth INR 20,000)

All the professionals who make valid POC submissions will receive free access to Intel® Parallel Studio XE worth INR 20,000!


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