Calling out to all hack heads!

Do you specialize in breaking the existing and redundant system to build a new and stronger system? Are you curious to learn or test your expertise in Hacking skills? If yes, then this Cipher combat is just for you.

You will learn, hack, and compete with a community of white-hat hackers.

Cipher combat is a new series of HackerEarth's cybersecurity hackathons. This event is a quarterly hackathon that is stacked with interesting questions that belong to different categories such as reverse engineering, cryptography, programming, scripting, forensics etc.

The registration for this hackathon strictly closes by March 28, 2019 at 11:55 PM. Participation without registration is not encouraged. So, let's quickly hit on the "register" button.


Cipher combat is a CTF (capture the flag) cybersecurity event that is organized for security professionals or students who wish to learn about cybersecurity. The purpose of this event is to improve your problem-solving skills in different security domains and general digital life problems.

You can expect questions based on relevant topics such as reverse engineering, cryptography, programming, scripting, forensics, problem-solving.

What's in it for you?

  • Improve your skills in different security domains, problem-solving skills, and learn more about real-world issues that we face.
  • Interaction with the community of white-hat hackers. Actively participate in the discussion forum and join our slack channel.
  • Win amazing prizes and goodies.

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В наши дни люди больше, чем когда-либо, подвержены различным угрозам — со стороны общества, природы, киберпреступников... Однако стремительное развитие технологий, простота доступа в Интернет и широкие возможности современных устройств дают нам шанс справиться с этими угрозами, используя новые средства. Разработайте приложения, которые сделают этот мир безопаснее.


Главные призы
First Prize - White hat hacker
USD 200
Second prize - White hat hacker
USD 150
Third Prize - White hat hacker
USD 100

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