Why Human Intelligence needs to lead AI while hiring

Why Human Intelligence needs to lead Artificial Intelligence while hiring

If you want to be 20% better at hiring, you just need to be more efficient. To be 100% better you need to reinvent hiring.  – Lou Adler

In this webinar, you’ll find out how to be 100% better.

According to Lou Adler, two glaring challenges stand in the way of attracting and hiring the best high potential and diverse candidates. One is the continued use of skills-laden job descriptions that don’t predict performance. The other is a talent acquisition strategy that is designed to weed out the weak rather than attract the best.

In this innovative approach to hiring, Lou Adler discusses solutions to both challenges, specifically:

  • Developing an “attract the best” talent acquisition strategy
  • Shifting to a “Performance Qualified” attraction and assessment approach to expand the talent pool to include more diverse and high potential talent.
  • Use HI (human intelligence) to source for potential, skills, performance and hireability.
  • The one question you must ask all candidates before considering hiring them.

About the speaker

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Lou Adler

CEO and Founder, Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems

Lou Adler is the CEO and founder of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems – a consulting and training firm helping companies around the world improve quality of hire. Lou is the author of the Amazon top-10 best-seller, Hire With Your Head (John Wiley & Sons, 3rd Edition, 2007), The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired (Workbench Media, 2013) and the Lynda.com Performance-based Hiring video training program (2016).

Adler is one of the top bloggers on LinkedIn’s Influencer program writing about the latest trends in hiring, employment, and recruiting. His articles, quotes and research can now be found in Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Bloomberg, SHRM and The Wall Street Journal. The company’s new mobile ready learning platform – The Hiring Machine– provides instant access to all of the tools needed to find and hire outstanding talent.