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Campus hiring is critical to the success of a company’s recruiting plans. Whether your company is looking to hire a couple dozen interns or grow your entry level full-time talent, you’ll be looking to build a strong funnel of college students to fill the gap. 

But hiring on campus isn’t an easy thing to get started. How many schools should you go to? How much is too much money to spend? How do you retain the talent you find on campus? 

In this webinar, you will learn how to kick start your campus program and how to iterate on your approach as your program grows. Colleen will be sharing her experience in growing a campus program at HubSpot by covering three main areas: 

  • Selecting target schools
  • Attracting and retaining college students
  • Solving problems of students in the interview process

  • About the speaker

    Colleen has been at HubSpot for over 4 years. When she started, she was an Associate Recruiter focused on hiring tech talent. She quickly realized that her passion was with helping young female engineers thrive in a male dominated industry. With this passion leading the way, Colleen switched to focus 100% of her time on campus hiring. In doing so, she expanded HubSpot’s global campus programming to focus on a wider array of universities and events that assisted females engineers, like the Women’s WebApp Workshop. After making this shift, HubSpot experienced an increase in intern and co-op applications by over 400%. Colleen continues to work with her team on its goal of making HubSpot an inclusive work environment for all and helping all students grow better.

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    Colleen Grant

    Manager, Global Campus Recruiting, HubSpot