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Java Developers

Skills required

Knowledge of Struts framework

Understanding of MVC design patterns

Understanding how MVC design patterns are best applied to Java web applications

Struts Developer Assessment

These tests are highly popular among most recruiters to assess Struts developer

You can check for the following skills while hiring a Struts developer-

  • Adept at writing code in Java.
  • Well-versed in Servlets and Servlet Containers, JSP and JSTL.

How this test helps with hiring Struts developer

Steps to assess Struts Developer
Create a test
Create a test
Add questions to assess Struts skills
Add questions to assess Struts skills
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Send invites to candidates
Evaluate the report
Evaluate the report
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Common types of assessments used by our top customers

Programming questions to assess development skills in Struts

10 MCQs
Struts Framework

10 MCQs
Java, Servlets and JSP

Sample questions

Which of the following is used for storing JSP configuration information in Struts?

  • web.xmlCorrect Answer
  • struts-cfg.xml
  • struts.xml
  • web.cfg.xml

In Struts, which of these provides a multi-lingual support for the application?

  • The i18n interceptorCorrect Answer
  • The i10n interceptor
  • The i1n interceptor
  • None of these

Which of these is true for the performance in respect to ActionServlet and RequestProcessor?

1. Receiving the HttpServletRequest

2. Populating JavaBean from the request parameters

3. Displaying response on the web page Issues

4. Content type issues handling 5. Provide extension points

  • 3,4 and 5
  • 1,2,4 and 5Correct Answer
  • 1 and 4
  • 2,3,4 and 5

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