Used for hiring

Database administrators (DBA) Developers
Data scientists Developers
Data analysts Developers

Skills required

Understanding of the Oracle database, utilities, and tools

Knowledge of PL/SQL packages and triggers

Knowledge of data analysis and modeling, design, and implementation

SQL developer assessment

An SQL developer usually prepares a query and subqueries to manage the database. SQL developers should be well-versed with the latest version of SQL and database management. The developer must also be acquainted with multiple SQL language extensions.  

You can check the skills listed below in a candidate while you hire for an SQL developer

  • Knowledge of T-SQL
  • Basic understanding of .NET frameworks is helpful
  • SQL design skills
  • Refactoring skills

How this test helps with hiring SQL candidates

Steps to assess SQL candidates
Create a test
Create a test
Add questions to assess SQL skills
Add questions to assess SQL skills
Send invites to candidates
Send invites to candidates
Evaluate the report
Evaluate the report
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Programming questions to assess SQL skills

10 MCQs on
advanced SQL skills

10 MCQs on
Database management and .NET frameworks

Project file tests to assess SQL skills

Sample questions

“Based on the following table, what is the output of the SQL query:

STUDENT ID NAME ADDRESS 015 Bob 20 020 Alice 18 105 Mike 25 151 Tara NULL SQL > SELECT COUNT (ID) FROM STUDENT;”

  • 10Correct Answer
  • No Record selected
  • All Records selected
  • None of these

Which of the following statements about triggers in SQL are true?

1) It is automatically invoked by the DBMS in response to specific changes to the database.

2) A trigger has two parts.

3) A row-level trigger is activated for each modified record.

4)A statement-level trigger is activated once for every UPDATE command.

  • 1 and 3Correct Answer
  • 1, 2, and 3
  • 1, 3, and 4
  • All of these

Using the given set of table and data, what will be the result of the SQL following query:

Select COALESCE (Temp, Humidity) AS Result from City_weather where city = ‘Chicago’;

City Record_date Temp Humidity Weather

Athens 21-Mar-2018 97 89 Sunny Athens 22-Mar-2018 97 89 Sunny Chicago 21-Mar-2018 78 98 Rain Chicago 22-Mar-2018 88 Rain Chicago 23-Mar-2018 75 Rain Paris 22-Mar-2018 62 62 Cloudy Paris 22-Mar-2018 62 62 Cloudy Sydney 22-Mar-2018 12 12 Snow Sydney 23-Mar-2018 10 10 Snow San Francisco 22-Mar-2018 29 12 Snow Sydney 23-Mar-2018 25 10 Snow

  • "RESULT 78 88 75"Correct Answer
  • "RESULT 78 75"
  • Query will return an Oracle error message
  • None of these

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