The small business guide to winning top talent in 2020

Our small business guide to winning talent in 2020 brings you the best of both worlds – Freshteam’s guide to setting up a successful hiring process and HackerEarth’s guide to screening talent for a startup. This is what you can expect from our 2 part series –

How to set your hiring up for success in the early stages:

  • Build and use your employer brand to attract the cream of the crop
  • Leverage employee referrals during rapid seasons of growth
  • Identify the competitive sweet spot in employee compensation
  • Measure the impact of your hiring on revenue

6 step guide to screening tech talent for a startup:

  • Hiring strategies to attract the right developers
  • Cost-saving hacks while screening developers
  • Tech skills small businesses need to hire for in 2020
  • 5 ways coding tests can improve your tech screening process