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How to hire remote developers effectively

  • 91% of developers prefer to work remotely where they feel more productive
  • 52% of employees say that remote work is more important than private medical care

“We need to take a more flexible approach to both the workplace and the work we do; one that provides us both the physical and cognitive space to harness the incredible power, insight and experience we offer, but focused not on the individual processes but instead on the overall outcomes our organisations are seeking to achieve.”  David Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer of Microsoft UK

The “Why” of hiring a remote developers

According to a recent survey by Gallup, 43% of the 15,000 employees surveyed claimed that they spent at least some time working remotely in 2016, whereas this number was just 4% in 2012.

There has been a lot of debate over why we need a remote workforce despite various facts and figures being presented in favor.

Here are a few reasons why you should look forward to hiring remote developers:

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Building independent critical thinking skills
  • Building trust
  • Diversity and inclusion

Remote work is a term discussed widely among HR professionals today. It is expected to become the future of work, and employees are increasingly showing their interest in grabbing opportunities which offer flexible workplaces and working hours.

Consequently, HR and Talent Acquisition professionals are working on
identifying reliable ways to attract and retain remote workers.

The aim of this eBook is to help hiring teams understand the positive impact of technology and talent assessment software on hiring remote developers.

We present an overview of why remote work is gaining ground. And discuss the role of TAS in eliminating risks and increasing the chances of accurately predicting the quality of hire.

With this ebook, we cover the following topics on ways to hire remote developers effectively:

  • Defining remote work
  • Defining talent assessment software (TAS)
  • Talent Assessment Software and remote working
  • Advantages of remote working
  • Benefits of using TAS for remote hiring