How to hire programmers using online technical assessment software

Traditional Recruitment is broken | Make it 10X more efficient

The issue plaguing the recruiting process to hire programmers for most companies, whether it’s a startup or a large organization are

  • There are too many candidates to filter from, resulting in too many résumés to scan and shortlist for interviews.
  • Most of the candidates who reach the interview stage, can’t even write code for basic algorithms such as printing numbers in a loop or calculating the factorial of a number.

Python, Erlang, or C++ the technical hiring process in most companies is inefficient and time-consuming.

How to hire programmers efficiently?

When it comes to hiring programmers, your ability to assess them based on their technical skills is what matters.

To design an effective strategy, recruiters and hiring managers need to know:

  • What the problems with traditional recruitment are
  • What automated online assessment is
  • How automated online assessment can transform the recruitment process

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