1. Create tests and invite candidates

Candidates can take these from anywhere in the world

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Auto-generate tests

Create tests for a wide range of predefined technical roles in just a few clicks. No technical expertise required.

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Customize test parameters

Define parameters like difficulty levels, duration, marking schemes, cut-off scores, criteria, and much more.

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Questions library

Choose from a large pool of questions that are categorized by skills and question formats. Or create a library using your own questions and use it to auto-generate tests.

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5 natural languages

Use the software in 5 different spoken languages: French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and English.

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Invite candidates

Share a test link or invite candidates via email from the dashboard.

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35+ programming languages

Allow candidates to code in a language of their choice. We support more than 35 languages.


Video interviews, perfected.

Assess a programmer's skills while you interview them.

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2. Prevent cheating

Using anti-plagiarism and proctoring features

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Plagiarism detector

Automatically detect if two or more candidates have very similar code submissions.

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Prevent tab-switching

Candidates can be restricted from switching tabs or opening new windows after a test has started.

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Single login only

Prevent candidates from sharing their login credentials by restricting the access of a test to a single login only.

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Disable copy-paste

Code that isn't written by a candidate has no chance of showing up on the code editor and will definitely not make the cut.

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Code player

Record each candidate’s keystrokes that can be played back in a video format. Verify their approach to solutions and minimize any possibility of cheating.

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Candidate snapshots

Avoid impersonation by taking webcam snapshots of the candidate at frequent and regular intervals. Easily spot cases where more than one user has attempted the same test.

3. Automatically evaluate candidates

Eliminate human error and bias during the screening process

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Auto-evaluate submissions

Every submission is evaluated instantly based on logical correctness, memory usage, syntax correctness, and time efficiency.

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View detailed reports

Get each candidate’s detailed performance report. View information about the time taken to complete a test, performance in individual questions, code written, test cases passed and failed, and much more.

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Collect candidate data

You have the option of collecting data about candidates, such as their resumes, educational qualifications, experience details, contact details, and other details.

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Candidate categorization

Complete solution to filter and track candidates who have been invited to take a test, candidates who are currently taking a test, candidates who have been rejected etc.


4. Collaborate within your team

Involve your internal team and partners in your screening process

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Admin management

Provide the rights and permissions according to the roles played by your employees during the recruitment process.

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Export and share reports

Download and share reports with your team members. Collaborate easily and make decisions effortlessly.

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"The tool is really intuitive to use and provides some really great proctoring techniques that enable us to conduct assessments very easily. The reporting on the tool also has very precise reports and gives candidate information in detail. Also, thanks to the HackerEarth support team for making this partnership a fruitful one."

Vaibhav Jaswal Product and Business Manager, Wells Fargo

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"Being able to hire the best programmers made HackerEarth a very smart investment for us. The results were impressive and it saved a lot of time and bandwidth as compared to our earlier process of manual intervention in evaluating the codes of thousands of students."

Leela Lakshmana HR Manager at Odessa Technologies

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