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Here are several key reasons why transitioning to HackerEarth could greatly benefit your company's hiring process:

HackerEarth supports 200% more skillets, covering over 800+ areas of expertise, which is twice as extensive as the 400 skills supported by TestGorilla

With over 23k questions in its library, HackerEarth takes the lead when it comes to offering a wide range of questions

HackerEarth enables real-time coding with support for 40+ programming languages, whereas TestGorilla supports only 21 languages

Comparison highlights

Features HackerEarth TestGorilla
Problem library Over 22,000 questions 4000+ questions
Skills supported 800+ 400+
Full Stack, Front-end and Machine Learning questions Supports  Yes No Support  No
Selenium, DevOps and SQL questions, and automated subjective questions Supports  Yes Supports  Yes
Smart browser proctoring Supports  Yes No Support  No
AI Snapshots Supports  Yes No Support  No
Code Quality checks Supports  Yes No Support  No
Global Benchmarking Supports  Yes No Support  No
Interview tool Supports  Yes No Support  No
Programming languages supported by the platform 40+ 21
Plagiarism report Supports  Yes No Support  No

In-depth comparison

Feature HackerEarth TestGorilla
Proctored Assessments and Interviews Comprehensive platform for proctored technical assessments, coding challenges, and interviews. Includes Smart Browser for detecting use of ChatGPT and LLMs in assessments Provides options for proctoring including live webcam monitoring. However, lacks in-depth features for cheat-proof assessments
Customization Provides extensive customization capabilities for creating tailored challenges, assessments, and interview experiences. Allows users to customize settings, assessment parameters, and environments to precisely match specific hiring needs Provides flexibility in adjusting assessment parameters but may not offer as deep customization options as HackerEarth
Scalibility Designed to handle scalable recruitment needs for enterprises and organizations conducting frequent hiring campaigns. Supports large-scale assessments and candidate management with features for efficient scalability Also scalable, catering to both small-scale and large-scale recruitment needs. Provides capabilities for managing diverse assessment volumes but may not have as extensive features for enterprise-level scalability as HackerEarth
Auto evaluation Includes robust auto-evaluation capabilities for programming tasks and challenges, offering immediate feedback on code correctness and performance. Offers automated scoring and detailed feedback mechanisms to streamline the assessment process Focuses on auto-evaluation across various skills including cognitive abilities and technical skills. Provides automated scoring and feedback but may not specialize as deeply in technical assessments as HackerEarth.
Interview features Offers advanced features for conducting live coding interviews, virtual whiteboard collaboration, and real-time communication tools. Facilitates interactive technical assessments with features designed to simulate real-world coding scenarios effectively Provides tools for conducting virtual interviews and assessments, including video/audio communication and collaboration features. Offers basic interview features but may not provide as extensive tools for technical assessments and coding simulations as HackerEarth

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth offers a broader range of features, including real-time collaborative coding and integration with Jupyter Notebooks. For organisations seeking a comprehensive platform with a wide range of features and integrations, HackerEarth may be the preferred option.

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Feature HackerEarth Startups Package TestGorilla Startups Package
20 assessments, 1 recruiter seat, customized pricing for larger enterprises $209 per month -
1 active assessment for unlimited candidates at a time, without customised validity tests or coding challenges - $499 per month
Feature HackerEarth Enterprises Package TestGorilla Enterprises Package
Advanced analytics, third-party ATS integration, branding options Customized pricing -
ATS integrations, custom branding, API access - $1000 per month

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth offers more versatile pricing options with customisation for larger enterprises and advanced features included in higher-tier plans. TestGorilla, on the other hand, does not include many features in the low-tier plans to lure customers towards the higher-tier package.

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Feature HackerEarth TestGorilla
ATS, HR Software Integrates seamlessly with popular ATS platforms such as Greenhouse, Lever, Workday, iCIMS, Bullhorn, and more. Allows for syncing candidate data, assessment results, and recruitment workflows between HackerEarth and ATS platforms Provides integration capabilities with ATS platforms like Greenhouse and Lever. Offers basic syncing of candidate data and assessment results with ATS systems to facilitate recruitment processes. While supporting some key ATS integrations, it may have a narrower range compared to HackerEarth.
Tool Integration Offers seamless integration with Jupyter Notebook Integrates with various collaboration tools like Slack

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth's extensive integrations, particularly with major HR systems and video conferencing tools, give it an edge over TestGorilla in providing a more seamless recruitment experience. On average, the TestGorilla platform may have fewer integrations compared to HackerEarth.

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Feature HackerEarth TestGorilla
24/7 Support Support is available 24/7 via email, chat, and phone. Often receives positive feedback for timely responses and proactive support during implementation and ongoing usage phases. Provides customer support via email and a help center/knowledge base. Customer reviews suggest generally positive experiences with support responsiveness and effectiveness, though the depth and availability of support options may vary.
Customer Satisfaction Boasts a 95% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating Online feedback highlights appreciation for the platform's affordability and straightforward setup, catering well to smaller organizations and startups

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth offers 24/7 multilingual support with a 95% CSAT rating, handles over 50,000 assessments simultaneously, and provides dedicated Customer Success and Account Managers. In contrast, iMocha's basic package offers limited email support, requiring an upgrade for chat support.

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Security Aspect HackerEarth TestGorilla
Protocols and Practices Utilizes encryption, secure coding practices, and conducts regular security audits Ensures all security checks are met for legal requirements
Compliance and Certifications Adheres to ISO27001, ISO27017, GDPR, and EEOC, prioritizing user data security Ensures all assessments and candidate data handling practices comply with GDPR regulations

Comparative Analysis

HackerEarth excels in user data security, complying with stringent data protection laws and holding certifications like ISO27001, ISO27017, GDPR, and EEOC. Its robust practices ensure comprehensive protection, surpassing iMocha's measures.

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8 Reasons why HackerEarth is better than TestGorilla

Integration Ecosystem:
HackerEarth’s broad range of integrations, particularly with major HR systems and ATS platforms, ensures a smoother talent acquisition process compared to TestGorilla.

Security Measures:
HackerEarth’s transparent security protocols and commitment to compliance may provide a more secure environment compared to TestGorilla.

Rigorous Checks:
HackerEarth incorporates stringent features like Smart Browser Proctoring, AI Snapshots, IP restriction, and Photo ID verification to guarantee the integrity of assessments and eliminate the possibility of cheating, setting it apart from TestGorilla.

Comprehensive Question Coverage:
HackerEarth covers a wide range of topics and skills such as front-end, DevOps, Selenium, Data Science, and Machine Learning, which TestGorilla lacks. It also offers automated subjective type questions.

Code Quality Assessment:
HackerEarth allows for the evaluation of candidates’ code quality, a feature absent in TestGorilla.

Question Library Size:
HackerEarth boasts a vast question library of over 23,000 questions, far surpassing TestGorilla’s collection of 400+ questions.

Skills Supported:
With support for over 800 skills, HackerEarth offers assessments for more extensive skill sets compared to TestGorilla’s 400 skills.

Plagiarism Checks:
HackerEarth ensures the authenticity of submissions by conducting plagiarism checks and providing detailed reports, a feature not explicitly mentioned in TestGorilla’s offerings.