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Create coding assessments automatically in a few clicks based on skills, job descriptions, or role.



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Early Talent Early Talent

University Hiring

Cut down screening time for university hires by half

Easily identify the best university tech talent through our smart assessments

Cast a wider net by assessing candidates from several universities without setting a foot on campus

Lateral Hiring Lateral Hiring

Lateral Hiring

Evaluate seasoned developers even those with niche skills

An exhaustive question library with over 11,000 questions spanning across 500 skills and various difficulty levels

Tap into the power of Live Video Interviews and evaluate a candidate’s approach and skills in real-time

Diversity Hiring Diversity Hiring

Diversity Hiring

Conduct fair assessments by cutting bias out of the screening process

Assess candidates solely on their programming abilities

Reduce bias even further by masking candidate info and evaluating them on the one thing that matters— their coding skills

Engineering Leaders

Preferred by engineering leaders who build strong tech teams

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Ashish Agarwal

Thanks to HackerEarth, we were able to find great technical talent, while saving hours of engineering time.

Ashish Agarwal, CTO, Kaleyra
Namrata Bisht

70% of the candidates that passed the assessments were hired.

Phuong Huynh, Technical Recruiter, Zalora
Tech Recruiters

Trusted by tech recruiters who hire better and much faster

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