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Predict the Happiness
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Problem Statement

Customer Happiness has become the top priority for service & product based companies. To an extent, some of the companies even appoint CHOs (Customer Happiness Officer) to ensure delivering a kickass and delightful customer experience.

Well, machine learning is now playing a pivotal role in delivering that experience. The ability to predict happy and unhappy customers give companies a nice head-start to improve their experience.

TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site where you can compare and book hotels, flights, restaurants etc. The data set provided in this challenge consists of a sample of hotel reviews provided by the customers. Analysing customers reviews will help them understand about the hotels listed on their website i.e. if they are treating customers well or if they are providing hospitality services as expected.

In this challenge, you have to predict if a customer is happy or not happy.

Download Dataset

Data Description

You are given three files to download: train.csv, test.csv and sample_submission.csv The training data has 38932 rows and test data has 29404 rows.

Variable Description
User_ID unique ID of the customer
Description description of the review posted
Browser_Used browser used to post the review
Device_Used device used to post the review
Is_Response target Variable


A participant has to submit a csv file containing User_ID and predicted labels in a csv format. Check the sample submission file for format.

User_ID, Is_Response

Evaluation Metric

Submission will be evaluated based on Accuracy score. Higher the better. To know more, read here.


Time Limit: 5.0 sec(s) for each input file.
Memory Limit: 256 MB
Source Limit: 1024 KB

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Upload Prediction File
Please upload the prediction file in the format as stated in the problem and ensure that there are correct number of rows as in the test file.
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