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To-do list
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You have to create a to-do list web app. (Please refer to Image 1)

Design details and how the app should work:-

  1. There are basically two panes - one is to-do pane and the other is completed tasks pane.
  2. To-do pane can contain utmost two tasks per row. Total no. of tasks can be unlimited.
  3. Color of each uncompleted task is randomly chosen from a set of colors.
  4. When a task is completed, user will move it to the completed list(right pane) by drag and drop only.
  5. If a user wish to delete a task, he/she can do it by clicking cross button on top right corner of that task. You can see that in design, too.
  6. You have to make sure the to-do list persists even after the page is refreshed.
  7. You are free to add any additional features or improve upon the design.

Image 1


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    Our compiler wanted to be here!But the mobile is too cramped for it to load. It says it would be more comfortable on the web.

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