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Monk is feeling happy to reach the first checkpoint in his journey. in order to have fun, he asked Mishki to solve a problem for him.

She will be given an array of N distinct elements, and needs to perform at most X arbitrary operations. In each operation she can select any element from the array and can increase it by exactly 1. She can perform at max 1 operation over any element of the array.

The special thing about this array is that, for any 2 elements \(( A [ i ] , A [ j ] )\), where \(( i ≠ j )\), \(a b s ( A [ i ] − A [ j ] ) \ge K\), where \(abs(x)\) denotes the absolute value of any integer x.

Now, we define 3 functions :

\(F ( i , j )\): = \(Max(i,j) - Min(i,j)\)

\(Max(i,j)\) = Maximum element present in the sub array ranging from \(i , i + 1... j \) in array A.

\( Min(i,j)\) = Minimum element present in the sub array ranging from \(i , i + 1.. j\) in array A.

Mishki needs to perform exactly X operations, and then needs to tell Monk the following :

\(answer\) = \(\sum_{i=1}^{N} \sum_{j=i}^{N} F(i,j)\)

In short, she needs to tell Monk the summation of the difference between the maximum and minimum element of each sub array of array A . Considering Mishki performs the X operations given to her optimally what is the maximum value of answer that she can achieve ?

Help Mishki for the same.

Input Format :

The first line will consists of 3 space separated integers N, X and K , denoting the number of elements in the array, operations needs to be performed and minimum absolute difference between any 2 elements of the array respectively.
In next line, there will be N space separated integers, \(A [ i ]\) , where \(1 \le i \le N\), denoting the elements of array.

Output Format

Print the required maximum possible maximum value of answer.

Constraints: :

\(2 \le N \le 10^5\)

\(1 \le X \le N\)

\(1 \le A [ i ] \le 10^6\)

\( 2 \le K \le 10\)

3 1 2
2 4 6

Here, N= 4, X =1 and K =2

So, if we increase last element, i.e 6 by 1, the required sum will become 10.

Time Limit: 1.0 sec(s) for each input file.
Memory Limit: 256 MB
Source Limit: 1024 KB

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