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Backend Java Developer
Posted on: 20th May, 2021 | Closed

Experience 3 years+ exp
Cost to Company As per market standards
Job Location Bangalore/Pune/Mumbai/Gurgaon
How to apply Take a 6 hrs screening test organized by Xebia India.
  • Opening time: Jun 11, 2021 12:30 PM UTC
  • Closing time: Jun 27, 2021 06:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration


  • Person should have more than 3 years of experience in Java development.
  • Should be good in core java concept like collection, multithreading, exceptional handling, etc.
  • Must have strong experience in spring Boot and Microservices.
  • Should have experience in any of the database – MySQL, SQL, No SQL,
  • Experience in TDD/BDD framework would be added advantage.
  • Experience in any of the cloud platform would be plus.
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