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Senior Software Engineer(UI)
Posted on: 3rd April, 2019 | Closed

Experience 2-6 years exp
Cost to Company INR 10.0L - INR 20.0L
Job Location Bangalore
Openings 2
How to apply Take a 12 hrs screening test organized by Rupeek.
  • Opening time: Apr 12, 2019 07:30 AM UTC
  • Closing time: Apr 21, 2019 01:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration


  • Work closely with designers and product managers to create the products and interactions that achieve our vision.
  • Build efficient, robust, reusable front-end abstractions that power our website and apps.
  • Ensure an outstanding user experience with thorough testing and debugging of UIs
  • Develop and maintain code quality standards and best practices.
  • Enforce standards through regular code reviews.
  • Write and maintain internal tools to help increase developer efficiency and effectiveness.


  • 2+ years of experience shipping front end code
  • Ability to craft pixel perfect web pages
  • Empathy & common sense to understand user actions
  • Deep knowledge of web technologies, e.g. HTML, CSS
  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript and libraries like jQuery
  • Experience debugging front-ends across multiple browsers
  • Experience optimizing the speed and performance of websites
  • Interest in staying current with new and evolving web technologies
  • Passionate to learn from and contribute to the development of the team

Desired skills:

  • Experience with javascript frameworks like Angular 4+ or Vuejs is a plus
  • Experience with javascript libraries like Reactjs is a plus
  • Experience with SASS or LESS is a plus.
  • Experience with UI testing tools like Selenium or phantomJS or Karma or Jasmine is a plus.
  • Experience in task automation frameworks like Grunt or Gulp or Webpack is a plus
About Rupeek

About Rupeek

Rupeek (meaning coining fee in Sanskrit) is an asset backed lending platform. Rupeek’s mission is to provide easy access to credit to millions of customers in India for their consumption and working capital needs. Rupeek is a product and tech led platform which enables customers who have assets like gold to request for credit from the comfort of their home. Rupeek uses technology to bring the agents to customer’s home within 30 minutes, perform appraisal of gold using Rupeek’s proprietary technology, transport gold securely to its largest network of vault partners across India and instantly disburse loan through its largest network of banks and lenders onboarded on to the platform. 

Gold is just a start. Rupeek’s vision is to build a multi-asset category platform where customers can get credit against property, securities, pension, policies, vehicles and more. 

Product Vision:

Build a highly scalable, configurable, resilient and secure multi-asset backed lending platform powered by the largest network of lenders enabling access to credit to millions of customers in India.

Rupeek’s technology vision:

Our tech vision is to build the largest asset-backed digital lending platform in India. We are on a journey to build a highly scalable, configurable, resilient and secure multi-asset backed lending platform with the largest network of lenders, merchants and affiliates to serve credit needs of millions of customers.

What’s driving our vision 

We will need to scale rapidly to grow our business to hit multi billion $ annual disbursement from $450Mn run rate today across the following dimensions

  • We need to scale our platform to handle millions of customers and transactions from where we are today.
  • We need to build a marketplace for lenders integrating with many lenders across India.
  • With the largest selection of lenders, we need to offer a range of financial products backed by a solid pricing and recommendations engine.
  • As we expand into multiple cities, pin codes and drive operational efficiencies, we need to support a variety of fulfilment models for appraisal.
  • Our customers have varied credit needs. We need to cater to this need by providing a range of credit products such as traditional loans, overdraft, credit cards and pay later.
  • To provide customers the best experience, we need to build resilience in our platform offering best in class payment success rates, KYC success rates, instant appraisal and disbursement experience.
  • To offer customers utmost convenience and speed, we need to automate our appraisal flows leveraging technology and make the entire experience self-serve removing any human touch.
  • As our customers' credit needs keep increasing, we need to expand our platform beyond gold and give customers credit against other asset classes such as real estate and unsecured lending.
  • Rupeek’s digital lending platform hosts multiple financial products and is powered by microservices architecture and leverages distributed computing, algorithms, machine learning, credit underwriting, visual image processing, and IOT


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