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Software Developer Engineer I - Frontend
Posted on: 5th May, 2021 | Closed

Skills JavaScript
Experience 1-3 years exp
Cost to Company As per Market Standards
Job Location Remote
How to apply Take a 6 hrs screening test organized by Playment.
  • Opening time: Jun 11, 2021 12:30 PM UTC
  • Closing time: Jun 27, 2021 06:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration


  • Build frontend interfaces for our new products & optimize user experience in our vast product suite
  • Add new annotation capabilities in our tool using 2d/3d rendering technologies and optimize performance
  • Understand and follow Playment's standards for the software development life cycle
  • Work closely with product and tech team to deliver efficient, maintainable and unit tested software


  • You have strong problem solving skills and are a fast learner
  • You have understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • You have 1-3 year experience in front-end development (College graduates are eligible only if you have internship experience in frontend development and have personal frontend projects in GitHub)
  • You have experience in React - Redux / Vue and have strong hold on low level programming/syntax in JavaScript
  • You have good knowledge of CSS and ability to convert designs to frontend code
  • Experience in developing 3d rendering applications using THREE.js is a big plus
  • Experience in Typescript is a big plus
  • You are a team player


  • Work with world class team working on a very forward looking problem
  • Flexible Timing
  • Remote First
  • Competitive Pay
  • Health Insurance for family

Our Frontend Tech stack: THREE.js, Konva.js, Typescript, React, Redux, Lerna

About Playment

What do we do?

Playment’s mission is to expedite the AI age. ML models are trained on structured labelled data. We help companies to convert unstructured data into structured which is used as training dataset to improve ML model accuracy.

We work with 100+ customers, created over 1.5B+ annotations via our proprietary state of art tooling. We've grown ~90% YoY for last 3 years, are profitable and have been a leading player in computer vision globally.

We’ve built a truly industry agnostic platform to support growing needs of our customers. Eg of our customer use cases - Automotive companies build self driving capabilities, Insurance companies for claim processing & damage detection, Retail companies for shelf tracking, Drone/Satellite imagery for terrain analysis, E-commerce for cataloging & visual object understanding etc.

Why is the problem important?

Programming in ML world is very different from traditional software development. ML technology has 3 major components - model, compute & data; Recent advances in GPU has made compute infinite while algorithms behind AI are evolving to a point where they would mostly become commoditised building block like libraries/functions in software development.     For all practical purposes, ML engineers follow a virtuous cycle of labelling data, training models & testing them. Now, throughout the last 20 years of web development, we built a lot of tooling like Git & IDEs to help software developers write, version & manage vast amounts of code efficiently. Now, if code to software dev is labelled data to ML, is there a need for Github of Software 2.0?

Absolutely. ML end up spending 70% of their time managing/curating datasets. There’s a very strong need to one platform to curate, maintain & label datasets and all related services around it. Playment fills this need.


We've raised $3.5M from YCombinator, SAIF Partners, Samsung & Google Launchpad. We've been generating positive cashflows since last 4 quarters.

We've signed large multi-year contracts with Fortune 500 companies like Samsung, Sony, BMW, Nuro, Intel, Dell etc. These are really high value customers lying between $100k-$500k yearly spend. 50% of our customers end up paying the annual contract value upfront leading to very high cash inflows.

Company Blog

We publish highly research content about Machine Learning & Data Labelling industry. To know more please visit -

Company Culture & Benefits

  • Work with world class team working on a very forward looking problem. One of the very few ML startup with actual large paying customers.
  • The team is relatively young. Average age - 26.
  • Median Playment tenure - 2.1 years. Last quarter 6 people completed 4 years at Playment.
  • Extremely transparent culture. Every employee is aware of core business metrics - revenue, customers, roadmap, profits.
  • Remote First
  • Industry standard competitive pay
  • Flexible timings
  • Health insurance for family

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