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Software Development Engineer - II
Posted on: 29th January, 2020 | Closed

Skills Java
Experience 3 years+ exp
Cost to Company Best in Industry
Job Location Bangalore
Openings 10
How to apply Take a 2 hrs screening test organized by Ninjacart.
  • Opening time: Feb 28, 2020 10:30 AM UTC
  • Closing time: Mar 01, 2020 06:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration


  • End to end tech ownership of feature or component
  • Develop and Design algorithm/models in the system influencing growth and optimizing cost
  • Develop Microservices for efficient development and scale
  • Drive performance improvements across the systems and processes
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • 3+ years professional experience in software development.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with JAVA or similar modern programming languages
  • Solid expertise in data structures and algorithms
  • Strong problem solving and analytical abilities
  • Strong understanding/expertise in building REST APIs and Microservices.
  • Experience designing, building and deploying scalable, highly-available systems
Preferred Qualifications
  • Strong object-oriented design and coding skills
  • Knowledge of Web Technology
  • Experience with (multi-tiered) systems, algorithms, pipelines and databases
  • Ability to think abstractly and deal well with ambiguous/undefined problems
  • Ability to effectively articulate technical challenges and solutions
  • Experience designing, building and deploying scalable, highly-available systems

What’s in it for you?

  1. Code for Change – Our tech team works towards optimizing each process for the seamless flow of fruits and vegetables from farmers to kirana stores.
  2. Explore your Potential – Ninjacart gives you room to grow, not just in your career but also as an individual. The electric atmosphere and infectious energy here will help you step out of your comfort zone and make you create wonders that exceed your own expectations.
  3. New opportunities – Ninjacart gives you the opportunity to initiate and work on new and interesting projects. We have had incredible success stories where employees who start from scratch scale up to management positions in only a year or two!
  4. Contribute to the Growth – The experience of being a part of a company in an exponential growth phase is not easy to come by in any other company. We scale at an unbelievable pace every quarter, and our growth can be owed to none but our incredible teams.
  5. Witness the Evolution – The Fresh Produce Supply Chain in India is highly unstructured and unorganized. With Ninjacart taking over the market, the Supply Chain is evolving with the help of Technology, IoT, and Data Science.
  6. Become a Problem Solver – The Fresh Produce Supply Chain comes with a plethora of hard problems that we are trying to solve. The complexity of connecting 20000+ farmers with 60000+ kirana stores is a challenging feat that we tackle every day.

In short, you will get the chance to be on the driver’s seat and get to experience the shaping of a revolution while we solve one of the country’s biggest unsolved problems!

Technology – the core of Ninjacart

  • The Tech and Product teams at Ninjacart have built 15+ in-house products. Some of them include apps for sales planning, route tracking, farmer harvest planning, delivery for drivers, and more.
  • The products built by the tech team resulted in the optimization of the Supply Chain by 50%! The products increased stability, resilience, and traceability of the entire ecosystem.
  • Vehicle Route Planning is key to driving the Ninjacart Supply Chain. Our existing algorithms automate the planning and optimization of First Mile, Middle Mile, and Last Mile Logistics by mapping routes for more than 2000 vehicles crisscrossing 15 states for delivering to over 30,000 customers daily across 7 cities.
  • Ninjacart has its own Facial Recognition Software for about 10,000 blue collar workers, which becomes an essential tool to curb pilferages in an industry that deals with perishable goods.
  • The traditional supply chain lacks transparency, which is one of the many problems we solve by tracking the movement of vegetables and fruits across the Supply Chain. For end to end tracking of SKUs, Ninjacart uses RFID chips on crates which also enables crate planning. This involves tracking the activities of more than 1,50,000 crates daily as they move through numerous processes and facilities.
  • We have specific apps for the farmers wherein we help them with harvest planning, demand forecasting and determining the price indent.
  • Ninjacart solves one of the toughest agricultural supply chain problems by leveraging innovative technology. Learn how we move fruits and vegetables from farms to stores.

About Ninjacart

Who are we?

Ninjacart is India's largest fresh produce supply chain company that is solving one of the toughest problems in the world through technology. We connect producers of food directly with retailers, restaurants, and service providers using in-house applications that drive end to end operations.

We raised $100 million from Tiger Global in the latest Series C round. We are also funded by Accel US, Nandan Nilekani, Mistletoe(Japan), Syngenta, Qualcomm Ventures, and others during previous rounds of funding.

Key Metrics

Currently, our Supply Chain is equipped to move 1400 tonnes of perishables from farms to businesses, every day, in less than 12 hours. We work with 20000+ farmers across 150+ villages and 60000+ retailers across 7 cities - Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad.

The impact we create

On one end, we help farmers get better prices and consistent demand and on another end, retailers receive fresh vegetables and fruits at competitive prices delivered to their doorstep. We do this effectively at a lower cost, better speed and a larger scale using integrated supply chain powered by technology, IoT, data science, infrastructure and logistics network.

Culture at Ninjacart:

  • Entrepreneurial environment that is results-driven and community-oriented
  • Focus on speed, proactive approaches to problem-solving with strong decision-making capability
  • 24/7 business with challenges and opportunities both to be solved at scale and in real-time
The Magicians- The Tech Team:

The Ninjacart tech team is a talented bunch of 50+ aficionados who have taken the industry by storm by building products and processes with one-of-a-kind technology. They believe in open innovations and the use of simple yet effective code to solve the most complex problems. These engineers are young, energetic, and highly motivated individuals who believe in the simple philosophy of work hard, party harder!

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