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SDE 3 - Backend
Posted on: 9th September, 2021 | Closed

Skills C++
Experience 5 years+ exp
How to apply Take a 3 hrs screening test organized by Navi.
  • Opening time: Oct 15, 2021 12:30 PM UTC
  • Closing time: Oct 24, 2021 06:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration


  • Development of backend systems for our first product
  • Build reliable, secure and performant backend systems
  • Drive test coverage and continuous delivery automation within the team
  • Mentor and provide feedback to teammates


  • 5+ years of software development experience
  • Strong computer science fundamentals
  • Deep and wide knowledge of Java ecosystem and good intuition for RESTAPI design
  • Deep understanding of relational databases, transactions, entity-relationship modeling
  • Comfortablewriting highly concurrent systems
  • Experienced in using profilers,tuning garbage collection, optimizing SQL queries


  • Understanding of domain-driven design concepts like ubiquitous language bounded contexts, aggregates and domain events
  • Know how to use test-driven development as a design tool
  • Good intuition for the principles underlying object-orientation, particularly encapsulation
  • Understand the importance of immutability and of reducing the state-space of objects
  • Know how to refactor large code bases safely
  • Seek to identify key underlying ideas and use those as building blocks before reaching for shiny new tools

What impact does this role have?

With Navi, you get the overall opportunity of joining an organization that believes in hyper-growth and changing the status quo of the current BFSIspace. Your work will have a cascading impact on the way billions of Indians are accessing financial services. On a more personal level, you can look forward to solving problems that have a measurable impact on

Other Perks:

  • Hyper-growth opportunities
  • Flexibility to move across business domains
  • Unlimited leaves. Flexibility of remote work
  • Satisfaction of building something from scratch and driving it till the end
About Navi

Navi is a financial services group that offers digital personal loans, home loans, mutual funds, and health insurance products. Co-founded by Sachin Bansal and Ankit Agarwal in December 2018, Navi is on a mission to make financial services simple, affordable and accessible to all. We follow a technology-driven and customer-centric approach, with an aim of serving a billion Indians.

How do we plan to achieve our aim of serving 1 billion Indians?

  • Customer Segment Focus: Targeting the underserved & making financial services simple for the common people
  • Product Focus: Simplified and Customized
    • By re-imagining customer, journeys to make it easier
    • Enhancing product understanding
    • Empowering through personalization
    • Providing pricing transparency
  • Channel Focus: Mobile & digital, especially smartphones, are the most effective channel to reach out, acquire and service customers at scale
  • Technology will play a critical role in helping us achieve our digital aspirations
    • The complete technology platform is being built in-house, which enables us in being flexible to innovate and iterate faster
    • Drive superior customer experience 

We launched our first product Digital Lending in May 2020, and within only 3 months post the launch, we became one of India’s largest lending apps. Since then, the lending business has served over 2 lakh customers. Following this, we launched our Health Insurance and Home Loan products in December 2020 and January 2021 respectively, followed by Mutual Funds in July 2021.

Four core employee values that Navi stands for:

  • Customer-first: Do the right thing for the customer, and the rest will follow. 
  • Long-term focus: Always focus on long-term opportunities & think scale. We solve only those problems that affect millions of potential customers.
  • Ownership mindset: Act as if you’re part-owner of the business and not just an employee. Take ownership and do whatever is necessary to make results happen.
  • Bias for action: Getting things done is more important than coming up with the best plan.

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