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System Engineers/Site Reliability Engineers
Posted on: 26th April, 2021 | Closed

Skills Java
Experience 1 years+ exp
Job Location Bangalore
How to apply Take a 1 hrs 30 mins screening test organized by Juspay.
  • Opening time: May 21, 2021 05:30 AM UTC
  • Closing time: May 23, 2021 06:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration

The Problem and the Why?

JUSPAY powers the bulk of India’s mobile payments volume, with traffic originating from its 200M SDK installs in all the top apps in India. Our target is to grow 10X to processing 50M Txns/day. At that scale, digital payments will become a critical large-scale public infrastructure for the country similar to the railways, roadways, energy sectors!

Are our systems ready to scale and meet this level of criticality? Not yet!

We need a design that guarantees High-Availability of five-nines! A distributed, fault-tolerant system with state of art engineering techniques, spanning across multiple DCs in Active-Active mode is an absolute necessity.

99.999% uptime is a lofty goal, but worth an arduous effort.

The Challenge:

Building Distributed systems at this scale is still an Art. While there are standard open-source building blocks available, the right architecture or the way to combine the components needs creativity and deep first-principles understanding. It also takes wisdom to make the right trade-offs combining product/domain expertise with engineering excellence.

What you’ll be working on?

At the core, we are an engineering-focused organization with heavy investments in pure functional programming techniques and distributed system architectures. We use Haskell for backend development, we have invested in one of the fastest real-time data streaming technologies, we created our own polyglot database management system called DBMesh.

We are establishing a team to upgrade our system architecture to scale to 10X our current volume and support the high-reliability needs with a multi-region DC Active-Active architecture.



Some of the current projects in our distributed systems team:

  • Designing our architecture to work active-active across DCs with intelligent SDK and gateway proxies to route traffic between them.
  • Moving to an LSM engine based distributed DB that spans across datacenter regions
  • Service mesh architecture that provides failover across Kubernetes clusters
  • Event sourcing and Event-mesh architecture to move all operations outside the critical path to a reliable async mechanism.
  • A multi-DC + client-side distributed data caching system and ensuring strong eventual consistency.
  • Automatic anomaly detection system with streaming data streams across varied systems
  • Build unified SRE systems to manage multiple stacks across DCs and Banks.

The Learning track:

Our teams are mostly built with freshers - smart, vibrant, hardworking. We need a fast track learning process for them to understand the deep principles of distributed systems and also get accelerated hands-on experiential learning

Design from Scratch: Design from first principles a system that will support India’s scale and learn from Biology how to keep it healthy and hale! We are creating an internal school for distributed systems to fast track the first principles learning process.

Make Production your Playground: Not just design but Play around with the systems esp. With modern Chaos testing approaches. Discover, fix, and ensure the system’s capability to withstand unexpected scenarios.

Join the Team!

Our systems team has taken up this huge responsibility to concretize the vision to scale up to 50M txns/day. We are looking for deep systems thinkers and high problem-solvers.

System Builders: You think from first principles and understand/want to understand how things work deeply

Chaos Engineers: What’s the best way to ensure that systems are resilient? Let’s bring them down!!

Responsible SREs: Can you be confident that the systems you designed and played around with will never go down??

Do you resonate with any of the above? You may be just the right person for the team!

About Juspay

JUSPAY is a Payments Exchange connecting merchants, payment providers and banks. With deep focus on delivering seamless payments UX at scale we are trusted partners for all major internet companies in India. After surpassing 200M SDK installs, building systems handling highest payments traffic in India of 2000 transactions per second, we are now making the next stride to power end to end payments for India.  

99.999% Availability   |  50M Txns/day   |  1-Click Experience

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