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Program Manager
Posted on: 28th February, 2017 | Active

Skills Project Management, Manager
Experience 5-8 years exp
Job Location Bangalore
Openings 1
Eligibility Criteria
  • Profile must be atleast 50% complete.
  • An updated resume should be uploaded
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The HackerEarth platform is the home for the largest and fastest-growing developer communities in the world. Developers from various technology domains solve problems on HackerEarth to improve their programming skills and compete with their peers. To businesses, HackerEarth provides the most effective mechanism to engage with the developer ecosystem and effectively evaluate technical skills.

We are looking for a Program Manager who will work effectively across functional teams including the global HackerEarth community to build and improve product offerings. This person should be entrepreneurial, innovative, must have the ability to execute complex programs, see them through from start to finish, and will monitor/report on progress throughout the process.

Job responsibilities:

  • Manage technical content generation (programming tutorials and assessment questions of various types) through a team of freelance Subject Matter Experts and Content Writers.
  • Creatively define the project and timelines. Communicate the same to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Create and manage pool of programming problems.
  • Handle content for all programming challenges for various clients.
  • Manage problem setting team including performance, feedback, 1:1 and appraisals.
  • Work with external problem setters, interns and freelancers.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills; being adept at handling people from diverse backgrounds and various seniority levels ranging from students and academicians to industry specialists.

Skills you should have:

  • Ability to understand the nature of technical content and work with experts who will create this content.
  • Exceptional communication skills. The role requires innovative thinking, strong people management skills, and high quality focus. Ability to get things done within tight deadlines.
  • In depth knowledge of and/or hands on experience with any one technology.
  • At least 5 years experience of managing people and coordinating work.

If you’re looking for an outstanding opportunity that you can really make your own, we would love to hear from you. In return, you can look forward to being a part of one of the coolest and fastest growing startups in the country that offers outstanding professional growth and a healthy work culture.

About HackerEarth

HackerEarth is the hub for programmers to practice and improve their programming skills, compete in coding challenges/hackathons and showcase their profile. Businesses use HackerEarth to build developer relations and create a talent pipeline.

HackerEarth has built a proprietary code evaluation engine that allows programmers to write code in the browser and automatically evaluates it in real-time. HackerEarth regularly conducts a variety of hackathons ranging from basic domains like Algorithms to advanced concepts like AI and Machine learning. Based on the activity of the programmers, HackerEarth is able create an accurate skill graph for them, which is used to recommend jobs and other opportunities to programmers.

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