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Community Manager/Developer Evangelist
Posted on: 4th April, 2016 | Closed

Skills C++
Job Location Global

Programmers come to HackerEarth to improve their programming skills by solving problems, compete in hackathons & coding challenges and get awesome jobs.

We have quickly grown to become the largest programmer community in Asia and are looking grow aggressively grow overseas. We are looking to hire a Community Manager/Developer Evangelist to help us reach out to programmers all across the globe. We already have a large number of programmers from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and North America and the objective is to accelerate this growth.

Roles and Responsibilities

This position is part-time (20 hours/week) and remote, hiring globally across major cities.

  • Set up a Campus Ambassador program in schools across your region
  • Drive adoption of HackerEarth Sprint ­ - a product for hosting & managing hackathons.
  • Partner with various programming groups and programming clubs.
  • Identify top events/hackathons where HackerEarth should be sponsoring or have some visibility.
  • Conduct nationwide hackathons/programming challenges with the help of local partners.

We believe if you are passionate about hackathons and like to interact with people for building communities, you are the perfect fit for this role.

Desired Skills

  • Hackathon organizer experience
  • Outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Flexible schedule, with availability to work evening and weekends
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision
  • Sales/ Account Management experience in recruitment industry or in start-ups is a plus.

Why you should work with us

With more than 700,000 programmers from across the world, HackerEarth is already one of the largest player in this segment. We have an aggressive focus on product development and have built some amazing products like HackerEarth Sprint (used for conduct hackathons) and Programming Challenges (used for hosting a wide variety of challenges on topics like Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc).

Programmers love the variety of hackathons and coding competitions that we host, and we have a unique opportunity to disrupt this space. With a growing dominance in Asia and a highly mature product, we hope to gain similar traction in other parts of the world. This role offers a unique opportunity for you to come into an early stage team and create an impact through your work.

You will get a chance to set up and take full ownership of the role, and impact the company in a very significant manner. Along with that you get a chance to work with an amazing team, full of energy and enthusiasm.

About HackerEarth

HackerEarth provides enterprise software solutions that help organizations in their talent assessment and innovation management endeavours.

HackerEarth Recruit is a talent assessment platform that helps in efficient technical talent screening thus allowing organizations to build strong, proficient teams. HackerEarth Sprint is an innovation management software application that helps organizations drive innovation through internal and external talent pools, including HackerEarth’s global community of 1M+ developers.

Today, HackerEarth serves 750+ organizations, including leading Fortune 500 companies from around the world. General Electric, IBM, Amazon, Apple, Wipro, Walmart Labs, and Bosch are some of the brands that trust HackerEarth in helping them drive growth.

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