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Front End Web Developer
Posted on: 27th February, 2019 | Closed

Experience 3-5 years exp
Cost to Company Best in Industry
Job Location Bangalore
Openings 12
How to apply Take a 6 hrs screening test organized by Greytip Software.
  • Opening time: Mar 28, 2019 07:30 PM UTC
  • Closing time: Mar 31, 2019 01:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration


  • Take ownership of all front-end aspects of an application or module including design, development and testing. (Naturally, it is a team effort and will involve other team members.)
  • Ensure deadlines are met and work with a sense of urgency.
  • Ensure high throughput and quick go-to-market without sacrificing quality or creating technical debt through Agile processes like Kanban.
  • Come up with beautiful solutions to a few of the toughest problems in web applications.
  • Requirements analysis and translation of the UI/UX design to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application.
  • Work as a team-lead with coaching / mentoring of colleagues.
  • Learn fast. Develop various POCs and stay abreast of technological changes. Introduce new ideas, tools, techniques, and technologies for the benefit of the business and its customers.

Skills and Qualification :

  • 3+ years hands-on experience with web technologies like Java script (ES6), Typescript, HTML, CSS and at least one of the Javascript based frameworks like Angular, React, Meteor, Knockout, Backbone, Node JS etc.
  • Preferred: Typescript, Bootstrap, Ionic and a GitHub profile that showcase any individually taken projects in any of the above technologies.
  • Preferred: exposure to reactive programming concepts and libraries (RxJs, ngrx-store) etc.
  • Good to have: experience one of the popular JS IDEs e.g. Sublime / Atom / WebStorm and understanding of bundlers like Webpack/Gulp etc
  • Ability to write beautiful code that is clean, simple, readable and maintainable.
  • Well grounded in computer science fundamentals. A good understanding of various OOP concepts, design patterns, DDD and programming best practices.
  • Strong problem solving and other higher order thinking skills.
  • Apart from above, we expect you to have usual skills of a good software engineer like debugging, troubleshooting, understanding large code base, SDLC and ability to communicate effectively.
  • Experience in startups like a fast-paced work environment is desirable.

About Greytip Software
  • Greytip Software is the company behind greytHR—India's #1 HR & Payroll SaaS software. greytHR has 900,000 active users and 7500 customers all over India and in the Middle East.
  • Our mission is to improve people-centric practices and performance in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) through our software solutions. Our goal is to serve millions of global SMEs with extremely valuable yet affordable products.
  • Designing cloud-native software that needs to serve millions of customers is a huge challenge. You need to write software that is highly scalable and distributed to deliver high performance and to ensure zero downtime. Today that means working with microservices architecture, clustered environments, in-memory data grids, serverless functions, Kubernetes, etc.
  • At Greytip, we have a track record of leveraging the best and latest technologies to deliver great solutions for our customers.
  • We are seeking passionate programmers and developers to help take Greytip to new heights. Unlike other places where you may end up playing bit roles, at Greytip you will have the satisfaction of seeing your ideas and effort bear fruit in charting the destiny of the company and making it a world leader.
  • You will not only grow professionally but will also enjoy every minute at Greytip with all the challenging work, the energy all around, and great co-workers.

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