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Software Engineer - Backend
Posted on: 1st June, 2021 | Closed

Skills C++
Experience 2 years+ exp
Cost to Company 8 - 20 LPA
Job Location Bangalore
Openings 20
How to apply Take a 2 hrs screening test organized by Rebel Foods.
  • Opening time: Jul 05, 2021 07:00 AM UTC
  • Closing time: Jul 11, 2021 06:25 PM UTC
Note: You can take the test anytime between the given duration

Backend Software Engineers (I, II, III, IV) @ REBEL FOODS

Technology is the backbone and the biggest differentiator of any consumer-centric internet business. Most of the high growth consumer-based internet companies (e.g. Amazon - Retail, Netflix - Entertainment/ Media, Uber - Mobility, etc) have constantly been disrupting their respective industries by powering their end to end business processes and products by solving business and customer problems with the help of new-age and scalable technologies. The restaurant industry still remains the major consumer-centric industry where online penetration and automation are minuscule. Our goal is simple – to change this incumbent mode of business in the food space.

Today, with 3500+ virtual / delivery-only internet restaurants in 40 cities across India, Indonesia, UAE, and the UK with 15+ brands (Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, Oven Story pizza, etc), Rebel Foods is the world’s largest and fastest-growing internet restaurant company. Online Food Services (FoodTech) could be broken into Food Discovery (commerce), Preparation (manufacturing/SCM) & Delivery (logistics) platforms and each of these vertical / platforms has many use cases which need to be solved at scale. Many companies (Swiggy, Zomato, DoorDash, Delivery Hero, Gojek, etc) are solving the use cases to some extent in the Food Discovery and Food-Delivery Tech. Food-Preparation Tech remains an old-world solution. While we collaborate with many of these companies across the world, we solve the customer problems in the food space of all these verticals in an integrated fashion. As a software engineer, you will have interesting opportunities in building/architecting/re-architecting different backend and frontend systems. You will get a chance to work on different open-source, cloud, mobile, etc tech stacks depending on your strengths.

In case you are interested in deep diving into the work we have already done and the kind we endeavor to do, the blogs below might be a good start:

Software Engineering @ Rebel

Software Engineering @ Rebel comprises most of the components of a customer-centric internet commerce company and problem statements of scalable and distributed systems. We believe in applying engineering excellence and operational excellence in all the areas of computing, storage, network to build & operate efficient systems. While we work on open-source, cloud-managed and enterprise tech stacks in Frontend (web/mobile), Backend (API layers), Caching, Async Processing/Queuing, Databases (SQL, NoSQL), ERP, CRM, Analytics, Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, etc), Data Science (ML), etc, we also work/evaluate on many emerging tech stacks like NLP, AI/IOT, Robotics + Automations, Bots, Voice, Vision computing, Blockchain, etc to solve many use cases around different verticals of FoodTech. The teams have built more than 30 different systems in-house to tackle the massive complexity of a multi-brand operation while keeping business metrics supremely efficient and optimized.

Future of Software Engineering @ Rebel

Rebel Engineering function is working on Software + Robotics + Automation to solve the toughest problems in an integrated fashion for our customers and to make their food experiences unique, memorable and delightful & sure. We believe in the continuous adoption of emerging technologies to solve customer problems in a fast and innovative fashion.
Technology and data are the backbones for us to disrupt this industry and build the most loved experiences for customers.

The Role

We are on the lookout for someone who is passionate about technology to solve known/unknown business & customer use cases.
In this role, you will be responsible to write efficient code & unit tests, review code, evaluate technologies, do POCs, etc. You must be highly proficient in backend programming and fundamentals - Node.js/Java/ Python/ROR/PHP etc, Relevant Frameworks.
We expect you to be excellent in writing efficient programs and problem-solving skills. You must also possess good knowledge of data structure and algorithms and computer science fundamentals. Exposure to common technologies like web technologies, caching, queuing, databases (SQL), Bigdata, Storage systems, monitoring tools, cloud technologies, etc is also helpful.
You will work closely with the Product and Engineering teams and will report to the Engineering Manager.

The Rebel Culture

We believe in empowering and growing people to perform the best at their job functions. We follow outcome-oriented, fail-fast iterative & collaborative culture to move fast in building tech solutions. Rebel is not a usual workplace. The following slides will give you a sense of our culture, how Rebel conducts itself, and who will be the best fit for our company. We suggest you go through it before making up your mind.

If you find this intriguing, we should meet. Please reach out to with your background and a few lines about why you are interested in this space we are trying to create.

Thank you.

About Rebel Foods

About Us

World's leading consumer companies are all technology / new age companies - Amazon (retail), Airbnb (Hospitality), Uber (mobility), Netflix / Spotify (Entertainment). The only sector, where traditional companies are still the largest ones is restaurants - McDonald's (with a market cap of 130 BN USD). With Food Delivery growing exponentially worldwide, there is an opportunity to build the world's most valuable restaurant company on the internet, superfast.
We have the formula to be that company. Today, we can safely say we are the world's largest delivery only / internet restaurant company, and by a wide margin with 4000+ individual internet restaurants, in 40+ cities and 7 countries (India, Indonesia, UAE, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh. It's still Day 1, but we know we are onto something very, very big.
We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the 500-year-old industry that hasn't been disrupted at its core by technology. For more details on how we are changing the restaurant industry from the core, please refer below. It's important reading if you want to know our company better and really explore working with us:

Culture @ Rebel Foods

We are REBEL. Never shy of redefining norm, never shy of changes, just never shy. We are a bunch of highly motivated people who share a common goal but everyone is free to have a say or experiment with ways they work in. Every single one of us - we garner a very open, transparent and encouragement led culture. Everyone must ensure that they fulfill the five values when they are a part of REBEL and we actively try to achieve this, every single day; not just in our organization but also in day to day life. Here is a snapshot of what our company looks like from inside and how we hire talent. Please go through it, if you are seriously considering us as your next destination.

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