Measuring Innovation Performance

We analyzed close to 1000 innovation campaigns we conducted and put together our findings in  “Measuring innovation performance,” a whitepaper where we discuss:

  • Five basic principles that guide every successful innovation process
  • How to choose the right portfolio of innovation metrics
  • What needs to be measured — ideas and engagement
  • Stages of a basic innovation campaign and relevant metrics
  • Case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of measuring innovation

Why do only a third of the organizations worldwide have formal innovation metrics in place despite accepting that innovation is critical to survival?

What most organizations find challenging is deciding the right metrics — both quantitative and qualitative measures — which consider the process, the culture, and the return of innovation.

Like many things that initially seemed immeasurable, innovation has gone from being nearly impossible to measure to something that can be quantified. For years, companies have been unsuccessfully striving to assess the outcome of innovation with a universal measurement. However, there is no one metric.

Download our whitepaper to create a family of innovation metrics tailored to your business goals and track your innovation success.