How to create a culture of Innovation

About the webinar

“The amount of innovation a company produces is inversely related to the number of PowerPoint slides or elaborate process diagrams it makes about innovation.” (The DeGraff Hypothesis)

This webinar is organized around a simple framework that allows leaders at all levels and locations to understand how their leadership directly affects the creation of specific types of culture and competencies in their organizations. It also discusses how these abilities make innovation happen across the enterprise with everyone, everywhere, and every day.


  • The Innovation Genome
  • Make innovation the new normal in your organization
  • How to sustain innovation in an organization
  • Understanding how leadership directly affects a culture of innovation
  • How leaders can create value by turning creative ideas into winning solutions
  • Q & A

About the Speaker

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    Jeff DeGraff

    Author / Speaker / Director


    Jeff DeGraff is an author and co-author of various best- selling innovation books across the globe. His latest book, Making Stone Soup, is a finalist for several book awards.

    He serves as an advisor to think tanks and governments. He has worked all over the world, with significant experience in Europe and Asia, and in most industry and market segments. He is a Managing Partner of Innovatrium, an innovation center and consulting practice that specializes in helping organizations make change and innovation happen.

    Jeff DeGraff is the Professor of Management and Organizations at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He teaches MBA, EMBA, BBA, and Executive Education courses on leading creativity, innovation, and change