How internal hackathons benefit sleepless CTOs


  • A 400% increase in product enhancementsa 21% increase in process improvement, an 18% increase in employee engagement and a 94% increase in peer learning. Watch the webinar to know how our customers achieved this.
  • Want to set up a hackathon in under 5 minutes? Watch how our software has you covered.
  • Understand how UST Global,GE and Pitney Bowes leveraged our software to help run their internal hackathons


About the Speaker

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    Sachin Gupta

    CEO and Co-founder

    Sachin Gupta is the CEO and Co-founder at HackerEarth. He currently oversees the overall growth and strategy for Marketing, Sales, Product and Operations.

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    Anand Hariharan

    Product Manager

    Anand Hariharan is the Product Manager of the Innovation platform at HackerEarth. He has over ten years of experience across Technology, Consulting and Software Engineering.