Employee Engagement and Innovation: Lessons from Vocera’s IdeaLab

Are you facing challenges with Employee engagement within your organization? Do you know that highly engaged teams are 21% more productive and performance-oriented than the ones with low engagement?

In this webinar Steve will be discussing information that includes:

  • Checklist on setting up an innovation program.
  • How innovation can solve customer problems.
  • How an internal employee engagement fostered a culture of innovation.
  • Benefits of enabling a Shark tank program within the organization.
  • Factors that help drive product adoption, etc.
  • Vocera’s story of innovation.
  • Vocera’s story of innovation
  • Role of an innovation team in enabling innovation
  • Checklist on setting up an innovation program
  • Impact on Employee Engagement
  • Solving customer problems through innovation
  • Driving product adoption
  • Fostering company-wide collaboration
  • Creating an idea pipeline
  • Enabling a shark tank program
  • Creating a culture of innovation

About the Speaker

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    Steve Blair, Director of Technical Publications, Vocera

    As IdeaLab champion, Steve is responsible for organizing, managing, and promoting the structured innovation activities that Vocera uses to maintain its inventive culture and increase employee engagement. He regularly speaks to individual departments and sites within Vocera to encourage all employees—not just Engineering—to participate in semi-annual corporate hackathons. Vocera uses these activities to cultivate a spirit of innovation and cross-department collaboration for all its staff members. Steve has championed the IdeaLab Innovation Sprints at Vocera for over five years and has participated in five of these activities himself.

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    Sachin Gupta CEO and Co-founder

    Sachin Gupta is the CEO and Co-founder at HackerEarth. He currently oversees the overall growth and strategy for Marketing, Sales, Product and Operations.