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Building a culture of sustainable innovation


  • The four focus areas of innovation and the 5 parameters of idea validation every innovator needs to know.
  • Creating a bottom to top model by channelizing the efforts of employees to align with the innovation strategy of the organisation.
  • Creating a community driven culture of innovation by partnering with different enterprises and achieving collaborative success.
  • How ThoughtWorks created a culture of innovation in their organisation through platform integration.

About the Speaker

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    Swapnil Deshpande

    Head of Innovation, ThoughtWorks

    Swapnil heads the strategic product innovation efforts globally at ThoughtWorks. He leads the innovation and incubation team to develop and build usable products, prototypes and applications.

    With over 17 years of overall experience, including 2 years of experience as an entrepreneur and founder of a product / technology start up, Swapnil comes with diverse experience in strategy, innovation, product visioning & development, project & programme management & operations management.