Innovation Strategy Playbook

The intent of this document is to provide organizations with a framework for designing a customized innovation strategy. It discusses how to choose the right approach, format, and innovation initiatives. Throughout the book, interesting links to external resources have been provided to add value in more ways than one. The worksheet attached will come in handy for planning and executing innovation campaigns.

Table of Contents
1. Understanding Enterprise Innovation
1.1. The Enterprise Innovation Process
1.2. Key Pain Points in Driving Innovation
2. Defining the Goals
2.1 Defining Innovation
2.2 Defining the Purpose
2.2.1 Driving Internal Innovation/Fostering Innovation Culture
2.2.2 Enabling Open Innovation
3. The Innovation Team
4. Choosing the Innovation Initiatives
4.1 Discovery/Ideation Initiatives
4.1.1 Innovation Workshops
4.1.2 Innovation Consultants
4.1.3 Ideathons
4.1.4 Crowdsourcing Platforms