Innovation Strategy Playbook

Free e-book on how to create a customized approach to innovation

McKinsey’s research shows that although 84% of the executives agree that innovation is critical to growth strategy, only 6% are satisfied with innovation performance.

So why are companies failing when it comes to execution?…Because getting the right mix of technology, people, customers, and partners, which is vital to innovative efficiently and quickly, is tricky.

With this ebook, agile companies and focused leaders can better connect innovation to strategy.

Download this ebook to learn how to

  • Decide the key steps of an innovation campaign to run it successfully
  • Build a diverse innovation team to generate a large pool of quality ideas
  • Drive internal innovation to build a strong culture of innovation
  • Leverage open innovation to create a sustainable business model
  • Define problem statements to reduce the gap between “actual and aspirational” goals
  • Identify the right metrics to get the most out of innovation initiatives
  • Develop a compelling roadmap in today’s competitive business environment

With powerful examples, simple tips, motivating quotes, and a sample worksheet, this playbook aims to help you understand the culture and discipline of innovation.