A simple blueprint for your internal hackathon

The why, what, and how of internal corporate hackathons


According to the 2017 Global Hackathon Report, more than 50% of the hackathons conducted worldwide are recurring events. Hackathons have become increasingly popular over the years. On a superficial level, a hackathon is still seen as a one-off annual event or a PR stunt.

However, our research and experience prove that an internal hackathon is a powerful tool for sustained innovation, IF DONE RIGHT. If crafted meticulously and executed efficiently, it is the most cost-effective innovation tool for an organization.

The objective of this ebook is to serve as a blueprint for those who want to conduct their first internal hackathon within their organization and for those who have conducted an internal hackathon before but did not get the expected results. In either case, this ebook will help in understanding the concept, fundamentals, and best-practices and gives the complete framework which can be employed directly.

The strategy outlined here is based on the insights drawn from hundreds of global hackathons we conducted and a series of 14 internal hackathons held every quarter over the last 4.5 years. We have had our fair share of mistakes, but we can safely say that we have perfected the art of organizing internal hackathons that actually deliver results time and again. In fact, an internal hackathon is the primary tool for driving innovation in our organization.

Table of Contents

What and why

  • What is an internal hackathon?
  • Hackathon – A crowdsourcing tool
  • The Internal Hackathon Framework
  • Benefits of an internal hackathon


  • Anatomy of an internal hackathon
  • Discovery phase
  • Ideation phase
  • Execution phase
  • Internal hackathon management software

Internal hackathon planning worksheet