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InMobi Hiring Challenge

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InMobi is hiring fresh graduates offering a salary package of 14-17L . The top 2 coders will get a direct job offer* from the hiring challenge.

InMobi Challenge Highlights

  • 5 Hour Hackathon
  • Top 2 hackers get a direct job offer* from InMobi.
  • Salary package of 14-17L
  • Other top performers will be called in for Interview at the Bangalore office.
  • Those given a job offer by InMobi are expected to join in July.
  • Mainly targeted for students graduating in 2013/ freshers/ working professionals with 0-3 years of experience.

*Kindly note, the top two candidates will have a technical verification before the job offer is rolled out


Exciting things are happening at InMobi. We are building new products and expanding deeper into the mobile ecosystem. The coolest thing about InMobi is that even though we ...



  • The contest will consist of four problems.

  • The challenges will be a mix of algorithmic and approximate problems.

  • You can submit as many times you want for any problem...



Is there a sample challenge that I can participate in?

Yes, there is a sample challenge in which you can participate to understand how to participate in programming challenges on HackerEarth. The challenge contains detailed information on how programming questions are to be attempted and what are the details about HackerEarth judge.

Will I get the result of the challenge?

If the challenge has a public leader-board, we publish that on the challenge page after the challenge starts and is updated real time. You can view your ranking on the same. For other challenges, you might be contacted later by the participating company.

Where is the challenge happening?

The challenge is completely online. After the start date/time, you can open this same page and start participating in the challenge.

How do I participate in the challenge?

To participate in the challenge, visit this page after start date/time and click on 'Participate in Challenge' button.

What am I supposed to do in the challenge?

You are supposed to solve the challenge questions. They might be in one of three formats:
Programming Problems: You are supposed to write code in the online code editor associated with each programming problem and submit the solution. You can submit as many solutions to a problem as you want.
MCQ Problems: Select the correct option
Subjective Problems: Write the solution in the text area provided

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