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About Indiahacks

IndiaHacks is the biggest confluence of developers across domains and interests under a single platform. It’s your chance to demonstrate your programming skills, while competing with the best developers in the world.
IndiaHacks is for hackers who want to make a difference using their code.
So, we’re calling out to:
It’s time to build awesome solutions to real-world problems
while competing with the best developes in the world.

stages of indiahacks 2017

phase I (online)
20th May - 2nd July

Idea Submission &
Online Hackathon

Each hackathon will have separate themes. Participants across the country have 6 weeks to submit their unique ideas & hacks. The submissions are evaluated & the top 20 teams from each zone are shortlisted for Phase II - the zonal level offline hackathons.
phase II (offline)
29th July - 19th August

Zonal level
Offline Hackathon

The zonal hackathons will be held in Delhi (North Zone), Pune (West Zone) and Bangalore (South Zone). The participants will build hacks related to the theme/domain. Hacks will be evaluated on parameters like uniqueness of idea, usability of hack, code quality, design etc. The top 5 teams from each zone will be invited to the grand finale.
phase III (offline)
8th - 9th September

Grand Finale

The grand finale in Bangalore will witness a day long developer conference along with a hackathon for the finalists. A gala event with programming workshops & tech talks for attendees followed by the result declaration and prize ceremony.
Tracks at indiahacks 2017
Programming is like any other sport, you might know the rules but you have to play to learn. Bringing you the ultimate programming challenge where you compete against the best competitive programmers out there.
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Machine learning is defined as the science that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed, by going through vast sets of data. This track is all about using machine learning algorithms to process data in a meaningful way.
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Internet of things has transformed the way our devices are connected to each other, allowing intelligent decisions to be made thanks to data sharing. Build applications on IoT that help us utilize day-to-day technology to solve real-world problems.
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Although genuine intelligence may still be a bit far off, AI technologies are still expected to reign in 2017. Now is the right time to innovate in the AI space, which is expected to grow to become a $16 Billion industry by 2022.
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Fintech is the application of technologies to disrupt services in the financial sector. It puts technology at the heart of the financial services and enhances the offerings in this domain. It will be a FinTech hackathon where you will have to build a fully functional application for web or mobile.
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indiahacks 2017 developer conference

The biggest attraction of the 4th edition of IndiaHacks will be the Developer Conference in Bangalore - India’s biggest developer confluence.

Along with the grand finale of IndiaHacks, the audience will be treated to a host of talks, discussions and tech workshops by the biggest names in the industry.

Prizes to be won

Top 50 hackers in each track will win these cool prizes
7500 X 4
be a contributor
Speak at IndiaHacks
There are 5 technology tracks in IndiaHacks and we're running a series of talks and podcasts in the lead up to the event.

Submit a proposal
Conduct a workshop
if you're a college student or a tech enthusiast, conduct a workshop in your college/community on any one of the IndiaHacks tracks.

Submit your proposal

  • There are 5 different tracks in IndiaHacks. Each track has its own rules and conditions. You must adhere to those rules while participating in the individual tracks.
  • There can be a maximum of 2 people in a team.
  • The top 20 team per zone per track (except for Programming track) will be invited to the offline Zonal Hackathons. Top 5 teams per zone per track will be invited to the offline Grand Finale.
  • For the Programming track, the competition will be online. The winners will be selected after 3 rounds of competitive programming - Qualifiers, Eliminators and the Finals.
  • The prizes listed below are for each track individually.
  • You can participate in multiple tracks during the online phase, but at the conference you can participate only in 1 track.
  • If you qualify in multiple tracks, you will be invited for the track where you have the highest rank.
  • Any case of plagiarism/cheating in any of the tracks will result in disqualification.
  • Decisions of HackerEarth will be final and binding.
  • Can I participate in multiple tracks?
    Yes, you can participate in multiple tracks during the online phase, but you will be shortlisted for only 1 track in the offline phase.
  • How many teams will be shortlisted for the Zonal Hackathons?
    For AI, ML, IoT and Fintech categories, top 20 teams from each zone per track will be shortlisted.
    For Programming Challenges categories, the entire competition will be online.
  • How many teams will be shortlisted for the Grand Finale?
    For AI, ML, IoT and Fintech categories, top 5 teams from each zone per track will be shortlisted from the Zonal Hackathons.
  • In case of team events, do both the team members have to participate from the same place?
    No, team members can be located anywhere around the world.
  • For Hackathons, will you accept pre-built products?
    No, you cannot submit products/apps that you have already built. Anything that you build during the contest should be novel.
  • What’s the eligibility criteria for participating?
    There is no criterion for participation. If you know how to code, IndiaHacks is for you.
  • Will International participants be considered for prizes?
    IndiaHacks is open to everybody for participation and whoever wins will be awarded the prizes.
  • Will my travel be sponsored for offline conference?
    If you are shortlisted for the offline conference and you are in India at that point of time, your travel to Bangalore and the stay here will be sponsored by us. If you are not in India during the conference, you can participate remotely.
  • Can I attend the offline conference, even if I am not shortlisted in the online phase?
    Yes you can attend the conference, even if you are not shortlisted in the online phase. Details about the offline conference will be updated soon.
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