8th January 2016
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About IndiaHacks

IndiaHacks is a platform to engage the entire spectrum of developers, through various programming challenges and hackathons. And to create an impressive repository of hacks to showcase the great programming talent across the world.
International Women's Day Hackathon

HackerEarth successfully conducted a women only online hackathon on International Women's Day, to encourage and celebrate women in technology. The Hackathon attracted over 10,000 women programmers from over 35 different countries, and resulted in more than 1700+ hacks built over a span of 3 days.
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Aadhaar Hackathon

UIDAI successfully leveraged HackerEarth's programming community, for large scale use of AADHAAR authentication APIs. The hackathon saw over 5200+ participants from over 15 Indian cities, with multiple offline venues over a span of 2 days. Winning hacks from the hackathon are working with UIDAI to take their projects to the next step.
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Online Event

Programming Challenges
Advanced Algorithms
Programming Challenge with complex and interesting problems that require advanced knowledge of Algorithms and Data-Structures. Compete against each other to solve the problems as fast as possible.
AI and Bot Challenge
The ultimate Artificial Challenge. Build a bot that will play a game against another bot. The bot that beats all other bots wins.
Big Data & Machine Learning
Develop complex machine learning algorithms to mine large amounts of data and solve real-world problems. The most efficient algorithm wins.

Hackathon Challenges
Innovation in financial services have just begun to come. From making access to banking and financial services easier for the consumers to making these systems secure from cyber attacks, there are many interesting hacks that can be built.
A world of devices connected by internet opens up opportunities for us that were previously unthinkable. Innovative apps can be built that can allow devices to share data and take intelligent decisions.
With more than 1 million games across iOS and Android, games are the most popular app category on smart phones. Some really interesting games can be built on these mobile platforms and some on the browser as well.
Open Source
Starting from early 1980s, Open source gained serious traction in 1990s, with the rise of Linux. Today open source tools are used by billions of users across the world. Open source largely relies on collaborative efforts of enthusiastic contributors around the world.
Online Commerce
Online commerce has changed everyone’s shopping behaviour. The ability to browse through millions of products and get them delivered while sitting at home is revolutionary. Some really innovative apps can be built to make this experience better and easier.
Travel & Transportation
Travel has been significantly disrupted in the last 5 years by digital technology. Numerous apps can be built that help in creating a seamless experience for travelers right from discovery to the final travel.
January 9th
Advanced Algorithmic Challenge
January 10th
Bot and AI
January 16th
Machine learning and Big Data
January 17th
January 23rd
January 24th
January 30th
Travel and Transportation
January 29th
Open Source
February 06th
Online Commerce
Offline Event

A 24 hour developer conference comprising of the following.
  • Finals of each track of the online challenges/hackathons, where the top 20 participants will battle it out for the grand prize.
  • Workshops and Technical talks running in parallel for other attendees.
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Targeted brand visibility in the developer community
Access to pool of top software developers in the country
Extensive promotion by HackerEarth about the company
Build a reputation in developer community as a top technology company
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