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I was just a guy who loved programming and had a dream to come to Bangalore to work. And I never thought it would be that easy. I wrote a test on HackerEarth, performed well and got a job with InMobi just like that. HackerEarth is awesome!
~ Akashdeep Nain

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I was just a boy in Nodia who has a dream of coming to Bangalore and working and I didn’t think it would be so easy. I wrote a test, performed well and got a job in a very quick and easy manner. HackerEarth is awesome!
HackerEarth is a central place for finding a tech job. I wanted to make a switch and it was very easy to find a job on HackerEarth. All the info was in one place and I didn’t have to go through various sites looking for jobs etc. The challenges are varied and cater for a variety of jobs in tech. Overall experience of using the site was great and it has helped me get a job.
HackerEarth has provided a great platform to find a job. Any participant on HackerEarth challenges has a wide variety of jobs to compete for. As a fresher, it is tough to get a job in India, but HackerEarth is making that problem go away.
One of my friends had told me about an online coding challenge on HackerEarth for a job at InMobi, so I took it. The platform was great and it allowed a wide variety of languages to be used. Barring a few minor glitches, it was a smooth test taking experience and before I knew it, my performance had earned me a job from InMobi.
It is great for people like me from tier two and tier three colleges. There are many people who are talented and brilliant from these colleges but can’t be spotted because of the college. HackerEarth is the only platform for people like them.
HackerEarth provided me the platform that my college could give. It has given me the opportunity to get a job in a company like Druva. If not for HackerEarth, getting a job like this from a third tier college would be very difficult.
HackerEarth is a great platform. It’s creating a very new way to find jobs. Before this, there were always job portals and it is really difficult to get a job there, given that there are thousands of resumes that are submitted. HackerEarth has all the information about the company and it’s expectation in one place. Not only that, it also helps me practice and keep my skills sharp. It’s a one stop shop for tech jobs.
HackerEarth is very different from other coding websites. Most sites provide the facility to code and compete and there’s the odd job or two. These are usually high profile jobs. That’s not the case with HackerEarth. Apart from the industry biggies, there are many other equally interesting companies that hire on HackerEarth. And the filtering process is so seamless that it is a great experience for a user.

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