Getting started with Tests

How do I create tests?

To create a new test, click on Create New Test and choose the type of test you want to create.

  • For Invite-only test, enter a name for the test and click on Create
  • Public Test is not activated for your account by default. If want to create a public test, you can send a request to activate the same. This is only a one-time step and you will be able to create public tests after this point without activation.

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You can create 2 types of tests

  • Invite-only test The test is restricted only to those candidates who you invite through Email, other candidates will not be able to access the test
  • Public test Any candidate with the test link can take the test. You can simply share the test link with the candidates.

By default, a test is created in draft mode, only when you publish a test then it becomes publicly available for candidate access. Apart from that, you need to select the feature set you want with the test

  • Basic This includes features such as Basic Plagiarism detection, Admin Management, Ability to Reset Tests, Detailed Candidate Reports, and Email Support.
  • Premium This includes features such as Advanced Plagiarism detection, Code Player, Access to Questions Library, Admin management, Ability to Reset Tests, Detailed Candidate Reports, and Email Support.

How do I add details to my tests?

Adding Basic details

After you have created a test draft, the next step is to add the Basic Details, which contains 3 fields

  • Title
  • Description A brief about the test. Generally it is used to describe the job post for which you are hiring, or a brief of the company
  • Instructions We have provided some pre-filled instructions which are platform specific, you can add more on your own. It can be used to tell the candidate about the marking scheme, test timings and any other instructions to be followed during the test.


How do I set questions in my tests?

Setting Questions

You can add the following types of questions

  1. Multiple-Choice
  2. Subjective
  3. Programming
  4. Frontend

A question set can either be auto-generated from our library of questions (Premium feature) or you can create your own question set.

Auto-Generating a Question set

  1. Click on Auto-Generate.
  2. Choose a tentative duration for the test and a profile you would like to test for
  3. Click on Generate

The test generated is editable and all the parameters can be edited.


Creating Custom Question Set

You can create your own question set by adding multiple-choice, subjective and programming questions. Each question can either be added manually or chosen from the pre-built library of questions.

Youtube:  Adding new question:

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How can I manage the Test settings?

Time Settings:

  • Open Date/Time is when the test questions become accessible to the candidates.
  • Any candidate can start the test between open date/time and close date/time and the test will run for the specified duration.

Question Settings:

  • You can set the cut off score for the test, which is reflected in the test reports.


Admins for the test:

  • You can add other people from the team as admins, and then they will be able to edit the test and access test reports.
  • Point of Contact is the admin, who will receive any Email from the candidate for this specific test, and any Email sent to the candidate for this test will be from this Email id.

How do I publish a test?

You can click on Publish button on the top right of the panel to publish a test. After you publish the test, you can invite candidates.

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