Browser requirement support

Before the candidates take the test, please ensure that the system is compatible. You can share the link: to candidates to check the same. Test should run properly if the following browser and system requirements are met:

  1. Browser version compatibility It is recommended that the candidates have at least the following browser version in their system to successfully take the test. Know your browser version. 

    • Firefox 10+
    • Chrome 11+
    • IE 9+
    • Safari

    The following browsers are also supported, but they will show the older version of HackerEarth. Candidates can successfully give the tests on the old version as well. 

    • Firefox 3.6+
    • Chrome 5+
    • IE 7+
    • Safari

    Any browser version below this is not supported. Please inform your candidates to update the browser before taking the test.

  2. JavaScript should be enabled Read how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

  3. Cookies should be enabled Read how to enable cookies in your browser.

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