Zoho has been in operation since 2005. It offers over 40 cloud-based applications, spanning a wide range of categories, from productivity to finance to HR management to sales,marketing, and analytics. With over twenty five million users from more than 120 countries,Zoho is everything a business needs to grow and be more efficient. 

We believe that a company doesn't have to be in Silicon Valley to make great software. All of Zoho’s products are made in India. We have two development centers—one in Chennai and one in Tenkasi, a small town that represents the heart of rural India. Zoho has no external investors, but it has always managed to remain highly profitable. Throughout the years, Zoho has not only delivered great products, but has also become the biggest Indian product company.


Zoho considers culture its biggest asset. The fact that Zoho’s attrition rate remains at a healthy single digit even after more than two decades in business is a testament that Zoho employees are not just effective: They’re also happy.

An empowering environment: The work environment at Zoho is one that facilitates constant learning. Everyone, right up to the CEO, is easily approachable and more than ready to help out in any way possible. Employees are encouraged to ask questions and no voice goes unheard.  

A free career path: What a person does isn't a hindrance to what they want to do. There are enough career options at Zoho that employees can do whatever they're passionate about if their work benefits the company. Employees are free to move between roles and choose a career path that is completely different from what they're currently doing.  

Diverse and international: Zoho employs over 5000 people from all over India and the world. People from different cultures work together to bring value around the globe. Zoho encourages diversity at every level and encourages employees to grow into their own unique strengths.

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