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Mphasis enables enterprises directly address the pressing need to become fast, innovative and personalized in their response to digital disruption. Using its industry-specific X2C2TM framework, Mphasis adopts a value chain/customer-in view to transform enterprises by harnessing the power of cognitive technologies and rich data resident in enterprises. It is a way to introduce disruptive technology to smartly transform legacy environments.

Mphasis does this through Front2Back™ transformations with business-driven KPIs, teaming with its clients to jointly drive measurable top and bottom-line results. In doing so, it leverages the state of the art reference frameworks and capabilities of agile transformation for quick results that compound over time. In addition to the benefits of rapid payback, Mphasis’ expertise in analog to digital helps address the required power sharing between business and IT, as well as designing F2B to minimally disrupt existing systems and infrastructure.

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