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Why choose HackerEarth for your next hackathon?

Robust platform

Manage hackathons seamlessly with an easy-to-use platform recommended by organizers and participants alike.

Unparalleled experience

Leverage the experience garnered from powering hundreds of hackathons for top universities globally.

How hackathons help your students to learn & grow

Hackathons are important for growth, because it allows students to...

Apply creativity

Promote out-of-the-box thinking and application of classroom knowledge without imposing restrictions or limiting their ideas.

Learn technical skills

Bridge the gap between college education and real-life industry skills by allowing students to learn technical skills required for a fast-paced project.

Generate business ideas

Allow students to come up with great ways to solve societal issues and come up with interesting business ideas through their projects.

Work in a team

Teach students about teamwork by using practical scenarios, where collaboration is not just an option.

Network with peers & professionals

Get students to meet and interact with like-minded peers from around the world. Allow them to be mentored by industry leaders and gain exposure.

Win prizes

Nothing motivates students like a hard-earned prize. Give your students the opportunity to make the most of their projects.

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Learn how organizations around the globe are using hackathons to drive innovation.
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Conduct hackathons in 5 simple steps with HackerEarth

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Invite participants

Manage submissions

Collaborate with judges

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Powerful features for an inspiring hackathon

Create and manage hackathons

Create hackathons in 5 easy steps. Gain complete control over hackathon parameters and customize them according to your wishes.

Evaluate and shortlist submissions

Compare and evaluate all submissions. Select the ones that proceed to further rounds with ease.

Collaborate easily

Enjoy seamless communication and coordination with other organizers, judges, and participants.

Access detailed analytics

Gain in-depth data on the progress of the hackathon and analyze multiple aspects of the campaign with detailed reports.

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Conduct hackathons that your participants love. Download
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