Game-changing e-commerce innovations start off as simple questions.

Big ideas propel e-commerce into a new age every day. Not so surprisingly, these ideas often arise out of simple questions. So when the world’s largest e-commerce companies were looking for answers to their questions, our software helped them push the boundaries of e-commerce innovation.

Questions that helped e-commerce companies transform bold ideas into reality

“Can we also
deliver experiences?”

Leading global E-commerce giant, Amazon conducted a campaign to build experiences designed around the human voice through The Alexa Skills hackathon.

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Building a voice-first era with Alexa Skills Hackathon

Amazon partnered with HackerEarth to conduct the Alexa Skills Hackathon. The company’s main aim was to educate developers about Alexa by building skills for the platform. Participants had to bring their big idea to life using the Alexa Skills kit.

Alexa Skills Hackathon

To build voice-first experiences through open innovation



Idea Submissions

New live skills

The Winning Ideas

Deliver not just products but also innovative experiences to your customers.

“Can apps make
travel more fun?”

Goibibo was looking at using its APIs effectively to develop and build innovative applications to make travel fun. They partnered with HackerEarth to host a hackathon to engage with developers internally and externally.

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Crowdsourcing solutions through effective hackathons

Goibibo showcased its APIs to the developer community and crowdsourced ideas to enhance user experience.
The hackathon had two phases:
Idea submission
Offline hackathon




Give your products the innovative edge they deserve.

Helping top e-commerce companies delight their customers

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