A campaign-based approach to innovation

Bring multiple stakeholders together on a common platform to innovate

Multiple phases

Create multiple ideation and judging phases and run comprehensive innovation campaigns.

Multiple ideas

Allow participants to submit a number of ideas for a given theme. You can also choose to restrict the number of ideas submitted by each team.

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Manage campaigns with complete control

Define the various campaign parameters based on your requirements

Control user participation

Choose whether to restrict the maximum number of teams a user can be a part of.

Customize submission formats

Accept submissions in any file format, such as .apk, zip, and urls, so participants can use what they are most comfortable with.

Customize team sizes

Define your own guidelines regarding team sizes. You can create campaigns that support both individual and team participation.

Manage rewards

Define and display the rewards for the top contributors on your campaign page.

Evaluate and shortlist ideas for execution

Collaborate with judges and identify the ideas that fulfill your business requirements

Shortlist ideas

Easily evaluate and shortlist the best ideas and graduate them to the next round.

Multiple judges

Invite multiple judges to evaluate ideas. Choose whether judges can access all submissions or assign them submissions based on their expertise and skills.

Customize judging criteria

Create custom judging parameters and assign unique scores to each of them thus allowing you to control the judging process effectively.

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Enable collaboration across teams and stakeholders

Allow different users, teams, and admins to communicate and collaborate with each other

Discussion forum

Allow participants to discuss topics, coordinate with ease, and share ideas with the community.


Announce campaign updates that instantly reach all the participants.

Social actions

Allow social interactions between participants. Enable ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on ideas, allowing users to build social credibility and have discussions.

Communication center

Single place to communicate with all the stakeholders in the campaigns (participants,judges, mentors, etc.) through different channels like emails, notifications, messages, and more.

Detailed, data-driven insights to stay on top of your campaigns

Analyze campaign progress with ease

Campaign analytics

Get a detailed analysis of the submissions including data about registrations, submissions, judging status, and more.

Download reports

Download campaign data and share it easily within your team for easy collaboration and analysis.

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