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Udaan Developer Hiring Challenge

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Thank you for your participation. 


The details of all the shortlisted candidates has been shared with the Udaan team and they will get in touch with the shortlisted candidates after the screening process and if they find that your profile matches their requirements. 


We wish you good luck!



Software Engineer
Experience: 0-2 years
CTC: 12 LPA- 16 LPA
Job Location: Bangalore

Key Requirements

  • Good Software engineering skills: It could be in any language or technologies of your choice, but they expect you to know them deeply. In addition, they expect you to be a quick learner in any new technology that you get exposed to.
  • Product Thinking & Problem Solving: They need their engineers to deeply understand customer needs, business use-cases, and connect that back to the products that they are working.
  • Ownership: They believe in end-to-end product ownership. You will be responsible for all aspects of your product from figuring out to what features to build to ensuring uptime and a smooth customer experience.

Tech Stack at Udaan

  • Kotlin/Java for backend
  • Javascript for the frontend
  • React Native for Android & iOS app
  • ReactJS with Redux for website
  • Kubernetes + Docker
  • Azure cloud services

Why you should join Udaan

If you are comfortable in an ‘all hands-on deck’ environment, love solving problems, and want to change how commerce happens in India, this is the place for you.

  • Growth: They are the fastest growing startup in India and you will get to experience, contribute to, and benefit from this growth. They have a very lean organization structure; they do not have any engineering managers and you get to manage your own growth and contribution. This provides you with the opportunity to tackle huge, complex and challenging problem statements providing the right base for non-linear growth in your learnings and capabilities.

  • Market Opportunity: They are a well-funded startup with huge market opportunity. They are solving problems for a market that is ready for a paradigm shift in how business is done. Most importantly, their product directly & positively impacts the livelihood of lakhs of SMEs in India.

  • The Team: They have a world class team of people at Udaan, most of whom were involved in building e- commerce in India from the ground up (at Flipkart). If you want to work with and learn from great teammates, this is the right place for you.

They do not have any formal designations and identify themselves by the products they’re building. They are all Software Engineers.


There are 2 components to the compensation:

  1. Salary
  2. 1st Year salary will be 12 Lakhs per annum
  3. 2nd Year the salary will increase to 16 Lakhs per annum

  4. Stocks (ESOPs)

  5. Rs.15 lakhs worth of stocks at current valuation
  6. The stocks will be vested over a period of 4 years at 25% per year vesting cycle
  7. The value of these stock options will grow linearly with the company’s valuation


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