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Pelatro Developer Hiring Challenge

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Congratulations to the shortlisted participants!

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  • This contest has 3 questions.
  • The first question is Mandatory and is a "Must answer" question. 
  • The second and third question is choice based. You can choose and answer any one of them.

Pelatro is started by serial entrepreneur Subash Menon. All core members are from Telecom domain and carry a great amount of collective experience in this domain. Pelatro is in the space of Precision marketing and its suite of solutions are aimed at Telecom domain and has an innovative solution for marketers. There is continual innovation in the suite of solutions. The company was founded in 2013 and since then we have customers in Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas.

Pelatro is hiring Developer for the Bangalore office with an experience of 2 to 5 years of experience .

Eligibility :

  • 2 to 5 years of experience.
  • BE in Computer Science/Information Science/Electronics 

Challenge Format: 

  • 2 Programming Challenge  

About the Product:

This is the product you will be working on :)

The suite of solutions for the mViva marketing hub is innovatively designed for scale and information. The platform is based on Big data technologies and follows a micro services architecture. Technologies stack include Core java and Angular JS. The product deals with a huge amount of data and slices and dices the data in a way which makes it very contextual for the subscribers of Telecom operators. This contextual data then can be monetized in different ways by the Telecom operator to increase their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).


Experience: 2-5 years
CTC: 6 - 15 LPA
Openings: 10

Must haves:

  • BE in Computer Science/Information Science/Electronics with 2 – 5 yrs of experience.
  • Have worked in Core Java, Hibernate, multithreading for Back end Development.
  • Have sound knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
  • Should have analytical bend of mind and good problem solving capabilities.
  • Knowledge of Big data technologies like Hadoop & HDFS would be advantageous.
  • Preferably from a Product development background.


Pelatro is started by serial entrepreneurs Subash Menon. All core members are from Telecom domain and carry a great amount of collective experience in this domain.

Pelatro ...



  1. Before you attempt programming questions, you should choose a language from the given list.

  2. All inputs for the programming problems are from STDIN and output to STDOUT....



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